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Splendor In The Ass

I had to do it.

Yeah, I hear what you are saying. You are saying, no, dude, you didn’t have to do anything. But fuck, you ain’t me.

Since the bitch hit puberty, she had been shaking her fine ass my way. Yes, she was a couple years younger then me so I didn’t pay her much attention at first. And then I went away to college. Well, summer between my junior and senior years I was taking it easy. Next summer, I would be a working man. So it was my last summer to party hard.

I am in my backyard on a sunny afternoon, drinking a beer and listening to some tunes when the slut comes out of her house. Anna Lee Delgado…and the girl, I swear to God, had the nicest ass a woman was ever born with. She sashayed that fine body of hers in a, damn, string bikini over to the chaise lounge by their pool and laid down on it on her flat abs.

I am watching her as she unties the strap to her top. Fucking cunt! And I am thinking that girl is just asking me to come over there and plow her. So I waited just a bit, all the time I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. I pick up my beer and I head over to her house.

Her parents work, I know this. She is home alone, so am I. I walk over and sit by her, lifting up the bottle of sunscreen she had brought outside with her.

“Hey, Anna,” I say when I am thinking I am so going to ream your ass, baby.

“Hey, Jim,” she is saying when I have no clue what she is thinking.

“Let me put some of this sunscreen on you. Don’t want to get burned,” I am saying while I rub it between my hands thinking it will work great as lube.

“Thanks, Jim,” she is saying when again I have no clue what she is thinking.

Their Moms Strap On

Hillary and Tiffany Duncan, 18 and 19 years old respectively, were aware their mother, who had been divorced for over ten years, had overnight guests in her bed from time to time. They also knew the guests were sometimes men and sometimes women. They saw nothing at all wrong with what Mom was doing; she was only forty years old and certainly had needs to be taken care of. She also treated her daughters as the adults they were, providing them with birth control pills and raising no objection when they had young men as overnight guests. She did advise them to be careful and to insist the men use condoms, but she otherwise mostly stayed out of their sex lives.

Hillary was a senior in high school and Tiffany was in her first year in a local community college, satisfying some elective requirements before beginning to attend the state university in the neighboring city. During Spring Break, they were both home and bored, and discussing the probable sex life of relatives and mutual acquaintances, including their mother. Although both young women regularly enjoyed sexual activities with men or boys, neither had ever had any woman on woman action, and they were curious about exactly what it would involve.

“What do you suppose Mom does with the women she gets it on with?” Hillary asked her older sister. Although young, she was enough of a woman of the world to have some ideas about lesbians and bisexual women and what they did with each other in bed, but she wanted to hear the salacious details.

“I suppose they eat each other’s pussies and sometimes they fuck each other with plastic cocks.”

“Did you ever use a cock like that? It doesn’t sound like as much fun as the real thing.”

“They’re called dildos. I’ve seen them advertised online, but I’ve never seen an actual one.”

“Do you think mom has one?”

The teenagers looked at each other and, almost simultaneously, both sisters said “Let’s go find out!” They arose from the chair and sofa on which they had been lounging and hurried into their mother’s bedroom to begin their search.

The first possibilities were the simplest and most obvious – under the pillows and under the mattress, but they had no luck in either place. Their mother’s alarm clock sat on a bedside table that also had a small drawer, but they found nothing there either. That left the dresser and the armoire with its three large drawers.

Hillary began carefully rummaging through the top drawer in the latter, looking under the family’s winter clothing, but finding nothing of interest. Tiffany had better luck, reasoning something intimate such as the thing they were seeking would be in an intimate place, so she began with the small drawer where their mother’s bras were kept. Finding nothing among those garments, she opened Mom’s panty drawer, and there she hit pay dirt. When she felt under the silky garments, her fingers met a hard cylindrical object and, from her personal experience, she recognized the shape of a cock. Carefully moving the panties aside disclosed a large white object.

“Here it is,” she told Hillary.

“Well, bring it out, and let’s have a look.”

Being careful to avoid any undue disturbance, because she wanted to replace the exotic device exactly where she found it, Tiffany removed the object from the panty drawer. When she held it up, she was surprised to see the attached straps, and showed it to her sister.

“Big, isn’t it,” Hillary remarked. “But what are the straps for?”

She took the strange object and held it up by the larger of the two elastic belts. The toy consisted of a black triangular piece of leather or something similar, with a thick, seven-inch long cock protruding from the center and a wide, black strap connected to two corners of the triangle. A narrower strap of the same color was fastened to the third angle, and the other end of the smaller band terminated in a loop with the wider strap passing through it. When she held it in front of herself with either of her hands gripping the wider strap and pulled it taut, she realized how the dildo would be worn and used by a woman.

“Look,” Hillary explained. “Mom or the other woman sticks her legs through these places and buckles the strap around her hips so the cock is where a real one would be on a man, and she uses it to fuck her partner.”

Talking Ricky Into Anal

Mari had been dating Rick for about six weeks and could only get him to have “normal” sex. She had hinted to him that she liked to experiment and he told her that he liked things just the way they were. He seemed to blush a lot whenever she brought up the subject of sex.

Mari would not give up. Rick was such a stud and had the biggest cock she had ever ridden. She wanted to experience that cock in more than just her pussy, which was the only place he would put it.

One evening, Mari prepared margaritas and made sure Rick’s glass was never empty. When he was feeling no pain, Mari snuggled up next to him and in a soft voice, asked him, “Ricky, can we watch a dirty movie?” Rick, loosened up with tequila, quickly agreed. Mari hopped up and put in the dirtiest anal sex video she could find. Mari snuggled back next to him and asked, “Ricky, would you slip your hands in my panties while we watch the movie?” Rick looked at Mari, puzzled. “Mari, what would you want me to do with my hands while they are in your panties?” Mari giggled, “You’re such a choirboy, Ricky. I think you’ll find your hands will know just what to do.”

It didn’t take long for Rick to make it obvious that he was enjoying the movie. His cock was straining inside of his pants, waiting to be released. His hands did indeed find something to do in Mari’s pants. “Do you like this movie, Ricky?” Mari asked in a teasing manner. “Would you like to re-enact this movie with me?” Ricky looked at Mari and shyly replied while his hands continued their massage of Mari’s pussy, “Mari, I’ve never done any of that dirty stuff. I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Ricky’s whole hand massage gave way to fingers darting in and out of Mari’s pussy. “I, I, I think it would be too naughty,” he whispered.

Good Girl Turns 18 And Turns Bad

I had dreamed about sex for a long time but actually doing it was a whole other thing. You see I was brought up a Catholic good girl. Catholic schools and prayers were a way of life for me. Not to say I didn’t think about fucking all the time or hadn’t learned the classic Catholic girl blow-job to appease my boyfriends but all-in-all I was a good girl and a virgin, that is until I turned eighteen.

At eighteen my seven friends and I celebrated my birthday by sneaking into a ritzy Los Angeles bar and I saw one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, perfect tan, voluptuous breasts, and an outfit that showed off her amazing ass and long legs. I first noticed her feet, which were fit into black stiletto heels, and as my eyes gazed upward along her long bare legs I came across the shortest skirt I had ever seen. Her ass just about hung out of the black leather mini skirt so you could just see the shape of her beautiful cheeks. Then my sights took in her tight-fitting pink sweater showing off her big tits as she turned around and looked my way. I could tell she was looking straight at me even though I was still staring at her chest. I wanted to look up at her but I was way too embarrassed and I turned back to join my friends at the table.

I could not help it though, I had to see what her face looked like so I stole a look her way. She was talking with some dark-haired man and I could only see her from behind. I could not believe my thoughts. I had never had lesbian thoughts before and I didn’t think I was a lesbian but this woman was intriguing me. She exhumed sex appeal. Something I had always wanted but did not think I had. I had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, medium-sized boobs with big nipples, and a fit, muscular body that always attracted men but I was not considered a sexpot. I was wearing tight –fitting jeans and a see-through white blouse that showed off my curves in a classy way that was very much unlike her slutty look.

I tried to chime into my friends’ conversation but my mind was preoccupied and I kept looking back at the blonde goddess which is when the dark-haired man she was talking to smiled at me and nodded to the blonde in front of him. She turned my way and this time I could not look away. She was breathtaking. As if the rest of her body was not erotic enough, she had flawless silky white skin, green eyes, and bounteous lips. She was a modern day Barbie but with clothes I had never seen Barbie in. She just smiled at me, she new I was gawking but I think she was having fun with it. After all, with that outfit I guess she didn’t mind attention.

I smiled back and that is when I noticed the dark-haired man next to her was as gorgeous as she was. He was Ken, she was Barbie. The two were the sexiest couple I had ever laid my eyes on. He motioned me with his finger to come so I excused myself from my friends and headed on over.

“Hi, I’m Darren,” the dark-haired Ken doll said to me, “and this is Sheila,” he said as he gestured toward Barbie.

“I’m Samantha,” I said as my mind raced. I didn’t know what to say to them. I didn’t know why I even went over to them. I had nothing to say. But my body did. I realized I was wet. My pussy was dripping. The two of them were looking me up and down.

“How old are you?” Darren asked. “Twenty-one,” I lied, “I’m celebrating my twenty-first birthday tonight.” Sheila just nodded at me. I think they knew my lie but neither of them called me on it.

“Well then, to celebrate, can I buy you a drink?” Darren asked in a low, husky voice that turned me on in ways I never knew could happen. My thighs were actually quivering.

Wrong Locker Room

Swimming always eased Jessica’s mind. On the day of every major test she ever took, she would take an early morning swim in the university pool before putting in one more cramming session at the library. Today was no different. Jessica had a midterm in biology and she was extremely stressed out even though she felt well prepared.

Jessica arrived at the pool around 6:30. When swimming season was not going on, the pool is typically abandoned at this hour and she had the whole room to herself. There was something extremely peaceful and soothing to Jessica about calmly cutting through the water with no one watching her. She enjoyed the sound of the repetitive splash of her rhythmic strokes as her hand dipped into the pool and her legs kicked behind her.

She was in the pool for about 45 minutes; mostly swimming laps but occasionally taking a few minutes just to relax and float in the water. When she got out, Jessica couldn’t have felt better. Her muscles were loose and her mind was lucid. She headed to the locker-room to shower and get dressed to go to the library. When she got to the door to the girls locker-room it was locked. This was not a surprise, since they often locked up the girl’s room when no one was around to prevent perverts from setting up cameras or hiding in the lockers, but it was an obstacle none the less. Her hair smelled of chlorine and she needed a hot shower to clear her sinuses.

She decided to head for the boy’s room on the opposite side of the pool, which was always open. To be honest, the facilities in there were nicer anyways and odds were that she wouldn’t run into anybody in there at 7:15 in the morning. She grabbed her gym bag with her street clothes and cautiously entered the locker-room.

When Jessica had determined that the coast was clear, she set her bag down on a bench and peeled off her one piece bathing suit and let it fall to the ground. Part of the reason that Jessica liked the privacy of the indoor pool was that her body often drew a lot of attention. When she chose to swim at the more popular outdoor pool, the boys would gawk at her beautifully shaped D breasts. Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t really blame them.

Her tits were young and perky, but with a slight natural sag that proved that they weren’t bought. They bounced effortlessly as she moved about. Her nipples were rose colored and about the size of a half dollar piece. In the cold air, she could feel them hardening. She walked over and turned the shower on.

As she waited for the shower to heat up, Jessica examined her finely trimmed bush that had been waxed with the exception of a narrow landing strip above her slit. Unconsciously, she felt her hand slide down and begin rubbing her pussy lips as she watched herself in the mirror. Her second hand came up and started to massage her breasts. She realized, as she stood there admiring herself, how horny she was.

18 Year Old Virgin

I had not really planned to end up in bed with Ron, but things like that happen in college. I had actually gone to the dorm mixer the first week of class, despite being a junior. I was mostly to watch the freshmen act amazed at their ‘first college party’ and to check out the new talent. There were actually not that many guys there, but one of the ones I knew from last year introduced me to Ron, grinning as he told me he was my type of guy. I was not really sure what he meant by that since Ron was o.k. looking but nothing special. Brown hair, average height, an o.k. body I guess but nothing remarkable. He was not real talkative either, and I guessed he was pretty shy.

I did dance with him three or four times though, since he was one of the few guys there and as always, there were more girls who wanted to dance than guys. He did not really know how to dance at all but he was enthusiastic without making a fool of himself, which was nice. I left the party pretty late, since there were a lot of people to talk to even if there were not enough guys. He had left a bit before me, and as I was going through the entryway to my wing there was Ron, getting comfortable on the couch.

“Loose your key? The desk can give you one.”

“No, my roommate has the flag up, so I guess I will just crash out here for a bit.”

He seemed embarrassed.

I tried not to roll my eyes. Freshmen guys always come up with elaborate schemes to warn each other if “OMG I have a girl in here (a real female girl!) don’t come in.” Then their roommates spend all night sleeping on the couch rather than risking disturbing anything. How long can Freshman sex last anyway?

I was not real taken with Ron, but I’m too nice a person to let someone sleep on a couch all night because they are too shy to knock on their own door.

“My roomie is gone for the weekend, so you can crash at my place. C’mon.”

He looked surprised and not sure what to say.

“C’mon, its a bed, and way more comfortable than a couch.” I smiled at him, but he still seemed tongue-tied, although his mind seemed to be going mile a minute. “You’re not going to use this opportunity to molest me are you?” I said, looking at him severely.

“No, no” he said, although I’m pretty sure this was the first time a woman had ever asked him to spend the night with him.

“Well that’s disappointing” I said, “but I guess you can come up anyway.”

I was not actually planning on having sex with him, and shy guys are not usually what I go for, but he was adorable as we headed upstairs, trying to figure out if he should hold my hand or put his hand on my ass or what. I was tired and ready for bed, and he was having the most exciting night of his young college career.

When we got to my door I told him to wait outside and quickly slipped into shorts and a tee for sleeping in and then opened the door for him. He slipped in quickly, like he was afraid someone would see him, and looked around. Neither of us was really done unpacking, and the place was a mess. I was kind of embarrassed, and I was sure not sexy-looking in old shorts and a shirt so large you could barely see me in it.

“Crap.” I said, looking up. “She took her sheets.”


I pointed up. “She took her sheets. No idea why.”

I looked at him. “So do you want to go back to the couch, or sleep with me in my bed?”

He looked at me like I had grown two heads.

Team Spirit

It was pretty much agreed what had to be done, and not wanting to appear snobbish, or like some kind of primadonna, I went along with the plan. I was a freshman cheerleader, and the youngest on the squad at eighteen, and I didn’t want to make waves.

We were in a difficult situation, one that called for a little creative strategy. There was no way our school was going to beat our city rival with Jason playing. He’s like the best college player in the nation, averaging over thirty points a game, big and strong and way better than anyone on our team. Heather our senior co-captain, came up with the idea a week before the big game. Simply put, one of us would seduce Jason the night before the game, give him the kind of workout he wouldn’t soon forget and make him too wasted to play well.

Instead of straws, we drew pom-pom streamers to decide which one of us would have the honor of laying down her body, as it were, for the good of the team. Guess who drew the short streamer?

I’m not a prude or anything, but also I had never had sex with a guy before, so I felt excited and insecure and anxious, all at the same time. I’m not bragging, but I never had any trouble getting looks from the boys, even though i’m kinda tall at five feet eight inches and my boobs , which are really firm and perky , are certainly not the biggest. But I do have a nice supple body and a pretty heart shaped face and long blonde hair. Heather and the other cheerleaders had no doubt I was the girl for the job. It was agreed that I should not wear my tiny cheerleading outfit, as that would be a dead giveaway, what with the school name on the sweater and all. Heather suggested I wear one of my prep school outfits with the plaid, pleated skirt, white blouse and red red blazer, and the black patent leather shoes, with white ankle socks. No guy could resist the sight of me in that outfit and Jason would be no exception.

I found him just where we figured he would be that Friday afternoon, at the Public Library studying for finals. He was a straight “A” student on top of being a big star, but the second I sat down at the table opposite him, and started shifting in my chair and crossing and uncrossing my ankles, I could tell he had things other than basketball or books on his mind.

He was kind of cute, really, with short trimmed hair and a real deep dark brown complexion. The fact that he was black didn’t bother me except that I was sort of curious about what he looked like naked…… I’d heard stories from some of the girls about penis size and blacks and wondered if it was true.

Wifes Teen Age Sister

Rita is my wife’s younger sister, and at 19 she has most beautiful ass I have ever seen. It is as round as a perfect circle and best feature of Rita’s body. Her dresses all ways get pinched between those sweet buttocks. I always feel my cock erected when I watch her ass bulging out of her thin body. I wonder weather her ass hole is big like her buns and then I dream about her dark, hairy anus. I am sure that even it will taste good if I eat it.

As discussed earlier Rita telephoned me when she had settled in the metro for her higher studies. She was staying at a hostel. I reached the place in two days and met her in the hostel. She had told the warden that her big brother will be coming for an official trip and therefore she will have to stay with me for a week. When she packed her bag I reminded her to take the school uniform she had brought from home. We reached in the hotel I stay at 5.15 p.m. As soon as we entered the room Rita asked why I insisted on bringing the uniform from home. “I will answer you while we eat some desserts at the hotel”.

While we were eating ice cream I told her about the fantasies I have. Rita was exited to hear about this. She suggested that we would make real each fantasy real during coming days; one by one. We made a schedule and on the first day she has to wear school uniform .

It was day 1 evening Rita came after college, she had a shower and she changed to her good old school uniform. I felt an instantaneous hard-on when I saw her in my favorite fantasy. I stared her for sometime. She had out grown the old garments. Skirt has become short revealing those lovely pair of thighs. Also shirt was tight and her small breasts were struggling to free from that. I could see her brassiere through the shirt, which provoked me further. She had not forgot to wear tie as well as a belt, which were elements of school uniform. After I enjoyed much of the front-view I moved to her back and looked at her beautiful hips.

Her ass was popping out more than usual due to the tight skirt and belt. I could not help approaching her and embarrassing from back. Caressing her boobs I told her that I had never expected this would happen .She replied “I knew someday this would happen.”

Black Cock School For Girls

Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder’s large imposing desk. “Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you’re saying, Mz. Elder,” Carla said sternly, “you’re guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?” “That is exactly what I’m saying,” the headmistress replied smoothly, “in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two hard fuckings a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!!!” “And oral sex?!?” Carla Scott asked. “Of course,” Marion Elder shot back, “that goes without saying.” “I just want to make sure that we understand each other,” Carla replied, “Meredith is my only daughter, and well, you understand that I only want what’s best for her!” “Of course I do, Mrs. Scott,” Carla replied gently, “we’ve been in the business of training young women in art of fucking huge black cocks for over seventy years.” “Of course your reputation is impeccable,” Marion answered quickly, “I just wanted to make sure for myself, that’s all.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Carla Elder replied. “How about a demonstration of how we operate!?!”

Meredith squirmed nervously in her seat listening to the older women discussing her sex life as casually as you would order a hamburger, but much to her chagrin she heard her own mother reply, “I think that’s a wonderful idea, Mz. Elder, please proceed!” “Very good,” Carla replied while picking up the phone and asking Jamal to come into her inner office. A second or two later a very handsome young black man dressed in a snow white terry cloth robe casually entered the room. “You called for me, ma’am?” he asked softly. “Yes, Jamal,” Carla replied, “I’d like you to meet Marion Scott and her daughter, Meredith.” Jamal smiled broadly at the two women while offering, “It’s nice to meet you, ladies.” “As you can see our young men are extremely respectful of all women,” she went on easily, “and we further feel that although our young women will become incredibly addicted to these large black erections that it remains paramount that the young men don’t take advantage of the situation.” “My thoughts exactly,” Marion replied. “And how old is Jamal?” “Let me see,” Carla replied while picking up his file, “ahhhhhh here it is, he’s twenty years old, only two years older than Meredith.” “Now, let’s get down to brass tacks,” the headmistress said evenly, “all right, young man, please expose yourself to Meredith and her mother.” With a small smile still covering his face the young man slowly untied his cloth belt, and then with a flair for the dramatic let them wait for a moment before letting his robe fall open.” “M-my god!!!” Marion gasped. “H-he’s huge, I just can’t believe it’s real!!!”

Judy Judy Judy

“Gosh, Mr. Ward, you answered the door in your underwear!” exclaimed Judy, my daughter’s friend. A number of things went through my head, but I blurted out, “I was just about to get into the shower, would you rather I answer the door naked?”

At that Judy smiled broadly, but did not answer. Finally after a few seconds of dead silence, I remembered my manners and opened the door further to let Judy in. She hardly took her eyes of my crotch. I was wearing a new type of underwear that is a cross between boxers and briefs that has a specially designed pocket for your ‘package’. Basically it just makes you look like you have more than you have. Since Judy couldn’t take her eyes off of it, I began to get a little excited which just added to the effect.

Finally she got around to the reason for her visit. She wanted to get my daughter’s address at her Grandma’s (where she was staying for the summer). We walked on into the kitchen where I pulled two sodas out of the ‘fridge and handed her one. As we talked I don’t think her eyes ever met mine, she was so busy dividing her attention between my bulge and the backyard pool. I took advantage of the opportunity to check her out as well. Judy is 18, about 5’4″ and her figure is not fully developed, but nice. Her tight fitting tank top was revealing smallish breasts with very pronounced ‘puffy’ aureoles.

Her navel was exposed and pierced. The ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts she had on revealed a lot of her ass. The more I noticed the more my bulge grew. This had the same effect on Judy, as the more my bulge grew, the more she stared. In turn, the more she stared the harder I got. Finally I had a full blown boner with the head peeking out the top.

When I looked down and saw a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip, the reality of the situation set in and I pulled my underwear up and said, “Oh God Judy, I’m sorry! Please don’t tell your parents you saw that!”

She giggled and said, “Don’t worry Mr. Ward, I won’t say anything.” A huge relief came over me as I heard that. I said, Listen, I’m going to go take my shower, if you want to go swimming, help yourself.”

Judy beamed, “Thanks Mr. Ward, I’ll borrow one of Cheryl’s suits.” I still had a raging hard-on as I climbed into the shower. It didn’t take me long to come to a mind-blowing climax to help get my mind off of Judy.