18 Year Old Virgin

I had not really planned to end up in bed with Ron, but things like that happen in college. I had actually gone to the dorm mixer the first week of class, despite being a junior. I was mostly to watch the freshmen act amazed at their ‘first college party’ and to check out the new talent. There were actually not that many guys there, but one of the ones I knew from last year introduced me to Ron, grinning as he told me he was my type of guy. I was not really sure what he meant by that since Ron was o.k. looking but nothing special. Brown hair, average height, an o.k. body I guess but nothing remarkable. He was not real talkative either, and I guessed he was pretty shy.

I did dance with him three or four times though, since he was one of the few guys there and as always, there were more girls who wanted to dance than guys. He did not really know how to dance at all but he was enthusiastic without making a fool of himself, which was nice. I left the party pretty late, since there were a lot of people to talk to even if there were not enough guys. He had left a bit before me, and as I was going through the entryway to my wing there was Ron, getting comfortable on the couch.

“Loose your key? The desk can give you one.”

“No, my roommate has the flag up, so I guess I will just crash out here for a bit.”

He seemed embarrassed.

I tried not to roll my eyes. Freshmen guys always come up with elaborate schemes to warn each other if “OMG I have a girl in here (a real female girl!) don’t come in.” Then their roommates spend all night sleeping on the couch rather than risking disturbing anything. How long can Freshman sex last anyway?

I was not real taken with Ron, but I’m too nice a person to let someone sleep on a couch all night because they are too shy to knock on their own door.

“My roomie is gone for the weekend, so you can crash at my place. C’mon.”

He looked surprised and not sure what to say.

“C’mon, its a bed, and way more comfortable than a couch.” I smiled at him, but he still seemed tongue-tied, although his mind seemed to be going mile a minute. “You’re not going to use this opportunity to molest me are you?” I said, looking at him severely.

“No, no” he said, although I’m pretty sure this was the first time a woman had ever asked him to spend the night with him.

“Well that’s disappointing” I said, “but I guess you can come up anyway.”

I was not actually planning on having sex with him, and shy guys are not usually what I go for, but he was adorable as we headed upstairs, trying to figure out if he should hold my hand or put his hand on my ass or what. I was tired and ready for bed, and he was having the most exciting night of his young college career.

When we got to my door I told him to wait outside and quickly slipped into shorts and a tee for sleeping in and then opened the door for him. He slipped in quickly, like he was afraid someone would see him, and looked around. Neither of us was really done unpacking, and the place was a mess. I was kind of embarrassed, and I was sure not sexy-looking in old shorts and a shirt so large you could barely see me in it.

“Crap.” I said, looking up. “She took her sheets.”


I pointed up. “She took her sheets. No idea why.”

I looked at him. “So do you want to go back to the couch, or sleep with me in my bed?”

He looked at me like I had grown two heads.

“Um I’m fine with staying here, if you are o.k. with it. I can sleep on the carpet or something.”

“I’m not letting a guest sleep on the carpet. I’m sure you will behave yourself.” He nodded, and the conversation sort of died.

“Look, I need to go rinse off.” I dug another one of my giant shirts out of the drawer and handed it too him. “I don’t have a toothbrush for you, but I guess you could steal some of Lisa’s mouthwash. Sorry it’s not too fancy here.”

I went down the hall for a quick shower, and was half asleep by the time I got back. I had been up early drinking beer with some of my old friends, and had sobered up enough to dance myself silly in the evening, but now I was about to drop. When I got back Ron’s clothes were neatly folded on the chair, and he was standing there looking like he felt silly in a girl’s large orange t-shirt that was hanging down so far I could barely see his boxers.

“Well, don’t you look adorable.” He blushed. I yawned.

“Look, I’m exhausted, and I’m going to sleep. I take it you are joining me?” He nodded, and I climbed into bed and slid over a bit. “See, plenty of room.” He got in, and I gave him the better pillow and was asleep within five minutes.

I woke up maybe an hour later. I knew this would happen, since I always wake up in the middle of the night when I crash like that. I wanted to turn over without waking him. His body was not touching mine at all, although I could feel his warmth and I could hear his breathing. I listened for a bit and it did not sound like he was asleep. I was almost completely awake, but I rolled over slowly, just peeking through my eyelids. There was plenty of light in the room, and I could tell he was wide awake and, no doubt, staring at the woman he was in bed with. I lifted my head up and yawned.

“Can’t sleep?”

“Just looking at you. You look great.” I think he had been working on that line for the last hour.

I giggled. “How can I look great? It’s so dark you can barely see me.” I bent my arm and looked at him with my head resting on my hand. “I think you are just saying that because you like being in bed with a nearly naked women.”

I think he wanted to say something, but all he did was swallow. I reached out and played with his hair a little.

“You know I’m not the type who normally goes to bed with a guy on the first date.” This was flagrantly untrue, and it was not really a date anyway. I scooted a little closer to him, and he stiffened up a little.

“I take it this is not normal for you either?”

He shook his head. “No, I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Like what? Sleeping?”

“No, going to someone’s room, being in their bed, being with a woman.”

“Really?” I sounded more amazed that was polite, and I’m sure he was blushing.

“Um really, no” He definitely sounded embarrassed. Guys will almost never admit they are virgins, but the thought of being his first was starting to get me excited. I ran my hand down his arm.

“No girlfriends back home or anything?”

“I went out with this one girl for a while. We kissed a few times.”

I pulled his hand over to me and kissed it, and slid my leg forward so it was touching his knee. He did not move at all, and his breathing was getting faster.

I’m sure he could not see my huge grin as I sat up and pulled off my top and tossed it to the floor. Sitting up my body was in the moonlight, and he was staring at my tits. He seemed to be frozen, like he knew he should be doing or saying something, but had no idea what. Well, I figured, I could take the lead.

I turned and straddled him, still laying on his side and I put my face down by his.

“So, Ron, would you like to make love to me?” I was going to say ‘wanna fuck’ but that seemed a little informal for the occasion.

“I’d love to.” He turned a bit to look at me. He looked good in the moonlight.

“You sure? I don’t want to take advantage of an innocent youth.”

He rolled onto his back and reached up. I think he wanted to feel my tits, but all he did was put his hands on my sides. “I’m absolutely positive.”

He had apparently taken off the shirt as some point, and I leaned over so my nipples were pressing on his chest and my face was right in his.

“Great, because I would hate to have you go around campus tomorrow telling everyone you went to bed with me and I did not show you a good time.”

I stood up and slid my panties off, and sort of posed for him.

“Sure you don’t want to wait for marriage?” I grinned at him.

“Not unless you do,” he said.

“It’s way too late for me.” I reached down and hooked my fingers into the top of his boxers. “You scared?” He seemed scared.

“No” he said quickly, and then, “Yeah, a bit.”

“Nothing to be scared of. You are not going to get me pregnant, I am going to have a great time and so are you.” I straddled his thighs and kissed up his belly a bit. “Nothing to be nervous about, Suzie is going to take good care of you.” He leaned forward and I kissed up his neck toward his mouth.

“I’m always nervous around women.”

He did not seem sure what to do with his hands, so I grabbed them and put them on my breasts as I kissed him, slowly sliding down from his mouth to the top of his shorts. I lifted my head back up and looked at him. He sure looked nervous. I slid his shorts down and leaned over to kiss the tip of it.

It was huge. I may have seen bigger ones since, but not many. Ten inches, maybe, thick. and just a huge cock. My first thought was that he should go for a career in porn. My second was that nobody would believe that this pasty white boy really belonged to this Aztec Love God penis. I leaned back and looked at it.

“Wow. I can see why women would be nervous around you, but you sure have nothing to hide.”

He actually blushed red enough for me to see it in the dim light. He was really embarrassed.

“I’m always afraid its gonna make me look silly. Remember when we were dancing and after each dance I moved away?” I nodded quickly. He was speaking fast like he was trying to get something off his chest.

“You were getting me all excited, and I was afraid you would see it and laugh at me.” He said this to the bedpost rather than my face.

I put my hand on it and it was already half hard. “Sweetie, seriously, don’t worry about it. Ever.” I tried to sound like I knew what I was talking about, even though I knew nothing about how to deal with a big cock while it was still in your pants. “Honestly, nobody is going to be insulted if they are turning you on, if they even know.” I started stroking my hand up and down on it. “Besides, lots of women like one like this.”

I smiled at him, not that he could see it, and leaned over and kissed the tip of it.

“So I guess your old girlfriend never did this.” I licked the tip of it as I stroked the shaft, and he half pushed me away.

“Don’t,” He looked embarrassed, but I assume he also liked it. “I’ll cum to quick and you won’t get anything out of it.”

He really was a sweet guy.

“Guess what sweetie.” (I had no idea why I was calling him that.) “If you cum to soon that just means I’m too sexy for my own good, and I’ll just have to do it again and again and again until you make me cum.” I licked the shaft of his cock from the bottom all the way to the top. “And you are going to make me cum, even if I keep you here so long you are late for class on Monday.”

I clamped my thighs around his leg and lifted his cock up and put my lips on the end of it. I felt like I was about three feet above him with my mouth on a baseball bat, and I slid it into my mouth. He whimpered a little, and I could feel his leg getting tense.

It was huge. I shoved my mouth down on him and it went in maybe a third of the way the first time. It felt like my whole mouth was full of meat as I pushed it in. He lifted his hips up, and I started to pump it in and out real slowly, since I did not want him to cum too fast. I could tell he was getting ready almost right away, and I grabbed his balls and squeezed a little hard just to slow him down, but that was not going to work for long either. I pulled my head back, licked my lips.

“Nope, not going to be able to.”

He looked confused.

“I’ll never get it all in like this.” I actually did want to see if I could, but mostly I wanted to slow him down a bit. I moved his legs aside and lay down with my head hanging over the side of the bed. He did not know what to do, so I pushed him off the bed and as he stood there I turned on my side, fingering myself a little and looked at him.

“I bet a lot of women are going to wonder if they can get that all in there. Let me be the first to try.” I laid back down and he stood over me, with his enormous cock blocking the light. I assume he must have seen porn movies or something, but he was really unsure of himself.

“Uh, so what should I do?” He said it like he was asking for permission.

I lifted my head up a bit. “No idea. I’m going to lay my head back and get ready for a man to put his penis my my mouth. No idea how it works from his end. I just need to relax and take it.”

He put his hand on my tits, and put the head of his cock up against my lips. I opened up, and he put it in, slow and shallow the first time, but then deeper and faster. I just focused on breathing, and he just focused on putting his cock into me. He started to pump it into me, and I pulled his hands off my chest and onto the bed so he did not put so much weight on me. For maybe a minute or two he seemed to forget about being anxious or whatever, and was just fucking me. I just relaxed and felt it going so far down I could not believe it. His balls were hitting me in the face, and his cock was actually going all the way in. I think I would have started gagging in a bit, but he came in a hurry, and he came a lot. I choked a bit, and he pulled out and started cumming all over my face. He groaned as he came, and he came a lot. (I found out later the groaning convinced the girls next door I was getting it again, and they listened to the rest of it. )

I took a deep breath, and sat back on the bed. He was standing there with a very happy grin on his face. I grabbed a towel and wiped myself off a bit as he stood there panting.

“Well, are you all done?” I looked him in the eye as I wiped off my chin.

“Not at all. What would you like?”

I spread my legs apart a little and slid my hips down.

“Well, this might be a nice time for you to lick me, if you feel like it.”

He knelt down on the bed between my legs, looking at my cunt and my face in turn.

“I’m really not sure what to do.”

I put my feet on his shoulders and pulled him in. “Trust me, stud, it’s one of those things that’s almost impossible to get wrong.” That was true enough in general, plus I was feeling really horny and desperately wanted someone to make me cum.

He hesitated for a second, then kissed my lips and started licking me slowly, with long steady strokes. I started that squeal/moan I always do when guys make me feel good, and after a bit hooked my heels under his armpits and pulled his face into my pussy. He stuck he tongue in deep, and while he had no idea what he was doing he was enthusiastic, and he quickly reached his hands up and put them under my ass, lifting me up into his mouth. He was not the most delicate guy I had ever had down there, but I could direct him some by grabbing his hair, and he was certainly enjoying himself.

It did not take long before I was getting ready, and as I got closer I pulled his head in with my hands and held his head tight with my thighs, He was not going anywhere, but he did not want to, and he was licking my pussy and clit and sliding his finger along the bottom of my slit. I pressed down on him as I came, and rather than trying to be quiet I let it all out. I could feel my juices running all over his face as I mashed my pussy into him, and he stuck his tongue in deep as I came.

I held my pussy against his face for a bit as I moaned softer and softer. He licked me for a bit more till I wiggled away, and then lifted his head up.

“God, that was great.” I raised myself up on the pillow and looked at him. “You are damn good at this.” He was caressing my thighs, and looking like he wanted to lick me some more, but I had other ideas.

“So are we all done? You had some fun, and so did I, and you are still, technically a virgin.” I tried to do my best cute look, but I was tired and had a lot of cum on my face, which does not help.

He straightened up and I could see his cock was hard again. “How do you want it?” he said.

I sat up as started stroking it with my hands. “You know, I like how polite you are, but I’m fine if you just want to make me take it how you want it.”

He pushed me back and then lifted up my legs. He put his head up against my hole, then moved the top of my body to the right a little. “I want to see your face.” I slid over a bit and gasped as he shoved it in.

Some guys have a little more technique than Ron, but his method of fucking a girl with hard, fast strokes with a huge cock was just fine with me. He reached down and grabbed my ass and was pulling me into him. I felt like there were three guys fucking me at once, and I starting moaning again almost at once. I came in a minute or two and that made him cum again, pressing my legs down against my body and squirting it into me. It felt great, and as he put his head down I grabbed it and pulled him down.

“Fuck me more. Fuck me more.” He was getting soft, but he kept going, and I gripped his ass tight as I came again and then relaxed as he lay down on me.

“Fuck that was better than I ever imagined.”

I kissed him, and held his head in my hands.

“So, was I worth it?”

“God yes, You were great.”

I smiled again. “Best you ever had, I bet. Well, you were great too.” I wiped of his mouth a bit, and we fell back to sleep pretty quickly, him with his arms wrapped around me and his dick pressed up against my ass.

That was the only time Ron and I were ever together. He found a girlfriend within a week, and stayed with her for years. She was this pretty sorority girl whose daddy apparently had a zillion dollars, and she stuck to him like glue, which seemed hard to understand for a lot of people, but not for me.