A Schoolgirl Calls

Kylie had just begun her last year at school. She liked the idea of some of the privileges she would have in the sixth form but was not happy about having to still wear the school uniform. However, she was a positive and intelligent girl and would look on the bright side — “One more year of study, get my GCSEs and I can wear what ever I like”, she thought as she walked home from school on her first day back. She wanted to be still on her summer holidays, back in Wales with Emma swimming with the dolphins and going round the clubs at night. She didn’t want to be at stupid school with the stupid teachers doing stupid lessons. She felt like a young woman, why did the teachers treat her like a kid? It made her so angry. Kylie wanted to be free not shackled.

She got within two hundred yards of her house and it started to rain. Not torrential but enough to make her run the last bit. She ran down her path and felt in her bag for the key. She couldn’t find it — then she remembered she left it on the hook in the kitchen after she had taken the rubbish out that morning. ‘Fuck it!’, she shouted as she realised her predicament. Her Mum would not be home for two hours and the rain was getting heavier. She could only think of going next door and seek shelter. She had a new neighbour — she had seen him briefly over the fence the previous week and he seemed OK. She wouldn’t go the other side, that was an oldish man who gave her the creeps.

She hurried round to her neighbour’s house and knocked on the door. Andrew was 38 and was inside writing some emails for work and was not expecting any visitors so was surprised by Kylie’s loud ‘tap tap tap

‘Flipin heck, who’s this?’ He murmured as he went to answer the door. He was shocked when he saw the girl. He had a thing about the school uniform. He knew it was wrong. He often went for a run at tea time, just to see the older schoolgirls in their short skirts and long white socks. He was only looking; he would never approach one of them. Now he had one of his muses on his own doorstep.

‘Hi, sorry to trouble you mate but I’m locked out next door and it’s pissing it down, is there any chance of you letting me dry off until my Mum comes home?’ Andrew smiled nervously.

‘Erm, well I suppose yes, come in before you get soaked.’

Kylie stood in his hallway and Andrew did a double take at her top. Her white blouse had become quite clammy from the rain and her bra was obvious through the top and made her developing breasts quite an eyeful. Andrew took a deep breath. He was normally a level-headed man but having a sixth-former in his house had made his blood pressure go up.

‘My name’s Andrew by the way…erm I’ll get you a towel for your hair you look a bit damp.’

He raced up stairs and fetched a clean hand towel from his airing cupboard and handed it to Kylie.

As she dried her hair he took the opportunity to look her over without making it too obvious. Apart from the white blouse she had a blue and yellow striped tie, a shortish grey pleated skirt and black tights. Andrew involuntarily licked his licks but then mentally slapped himself on the wrist. “Behave yourself”, he thought. It wasn’t just that she was a developing adolescent girl that he found appealing, but just that she was really, really lovely. She had long, shiny black hair and big blue eyes.

Kylie passed him back the towel and smiled.

‘Thanks’, she said, ‘I’m glad you’re in or I don’t know what I would have done.’

‘Well at least it’s not cold.’

‘I know but it just makes you feel all yucky when it’s raining and warm like this.’

‘I guess so, I’ll turn up the air conditioning if that helps. Anyway come in the living room, would you like a drink — tea, coffee?’

‘Erm, I’ll have a coffee please.’

Kylie made for the soft, red leather sofa and it made a lovely crinkling noise as she sat down. She liked the feel of the leather, it was so smooth and cool. She stretched herself out along it and stroked her hand along the back. She sat up as Andrew brought a tray with two coffees and a plate of soft chocolate cookies.

‘Ooh, my favourite!’ Exclaimed Kylie.

‘Everyone likes these… eh, what’s your name?’

‘It’s Kylie.’

‘Mmm that’s a lovely name it suits you.’


Kylie looked up at him with a slightly shy expression. Andrew could feel his heart melt at her look, she was truly gorgeous. He felt that he wanted to hug her, which scared him a little. He sat down on the settee beside her and felt a thrill of excitement run through his body with a tingle of butterflies in his stomach. He looked at her and he felt quite hot. His hand was trembling slightly as he picked up his coffee cup. Had he seen her out at the weekend he would have just thought what a pretty teenage girl she was. It was the uniform. It did something to her. What was it about the uniform? He sipped at his drink and Kylie picked up a cookie and nibbled at it, a few crumbs falling onto her lap. In her sitting position her skirt had ridden up her legs quite a bit, so the darker band of her tights was just visible under the hem of her skirt. Andrew looked down at her legs as she knocked the crumbs away. He felt a little awkward with the silence and tried to make small talk.

‘You went back to school this week yes?’


‘Oh, do you still get six weeks off?’

‘Nearly seven. I’ve been in South Wales for two weeks with my friend, we went diving off the Pembrokeshire coast, it was sick.’


‘Oh that means really, really good.’

‘Oh right, well I’ve learnt something then.’

Andrew wanted to work out how old she was but thought it was rude to just ask.

‘I guess you must be in about your last year eh?’

‘Yes, I’m in the sixth form.’

‘Mmm., so you’re eighteen then?’

‘Yeah, I was eighteen last month.’

‘Oh OK’.

Andrew smiled and looked at her and her exquisite face. He knew he shouldn’t but he allowed his eyes to roam over her body and looked her legs up and down all too obviously and Kylie shuffled a little awkwardly. But she suddenly felt quite flattered and knew that Andrew fancied her. Although there was quite an age difference, she felt quite calm and safe with him.

‘Have you got a girlfriend Andrew?’

‘Erm well not a regular one as such, it’s a bit complicated, why do you ask?’

‘Oh just curious, do you like older women or erm younger — girls.’

She deliberately looked sheepish as she said this and looked down and then looked up at Andrew with her butter wouldn’t melt eyes.

‘It depends’, replied Andrew, ‘Can I let you into a secret?’

Then he had second thoughts. She was sort of in his care, he couldn’t share his fantasies with her.

‘No, it doesn’t matter.’

‘No, you can’t say that now, I’m too interested. What secret?’

‘OK, but don’t think I’m a perv or anything. I have this thing about the school uniform, not on little girls obviously, but when it’s someone like you, I mean you know, your sort of age, well, it makes me think naughty thoughts.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with that… Kylie paused. ‘ Do you like this one?’

Andrew took a deep breath.

‘It’s super Kylie, I think you look completely gorgeous.’

Kylie wasn’t stupid, she knew exactly what effect she was having on him. This she found was more exciting than she could have ever imagined. She didn’t feel like a kid now. Andrew was about the age of a lot of her tutors. Perhaps she could turn the tables and be really grown up and let her hair down.

‘Tell me what you like about it.’

He was becoming nervous and could feel the beginnings of an erection. He did his best too block his thoughts, but was finding it difficult.

‘I think we should change the subject, I’ve said too much already.’

Kylie wasn’t having any of that. She suddenly felt a sense of power and knew she could use the position to her advantage. The thought of it brought goose bumps on her arms and she flushed slightly as the naughty idea went through her mind. She now had Andrew where she wanted him; she felt she could have him eating out of her hand. She wanted to reel him in and have fun. It was naughty but her girlie sense of adventure and that rebel in her wanted to twist this man around her fingers. She wanted to give him pleasure but tease him along the way — really tease him.

‘Go on, tell me what it is about my uniform. I really want to know.’

Andrew was now torn between not indulging his fantasy and being impolite. Maybe he could answer her while keeping a lid on his feelings.

‘Well, I don’t know — it’s hard to explain. It’s the combination of how you look — your femininity and that erm “mustn’t touch” thing with your uniform. I guess you look erm… sort of innocent, cute and erm…sexy all at the same time.’

Andrew began to feel himself being tied in knots but Kylie was enjoying it and nodded enthusiastically with a glint in her eye as he tried to explain how he felt.

‘Tell me more.’

Andrew felt awkward now and began to blush.

‘I think I’m making a fool of myself. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be talking to you like this.’

‘It’s OK, I’m not embarrassed’. She paused and looked down at her feet and played with the top button of her blouse.

‘Andrew? Maybe you would like to see a little bit more?’

Andrew felt his face glow and his heart started pounding in his chest. He didn’t know what to say.

‘Erm…what do you mean?’

Kylie looked at him as a mischievous smirk spread across her face.

She licked her lips and hitched her skirt up a little and stretched out her legs. There was a long pause as Andrew’s gaze was fixed on her thighs.

‘Well, what do you think?’

Andrew was trembling now.

‘Erm..er, they’re very nice, they’re lovely.’

‘Do you want to see a bit more?’

Kylie pulled her skirt up even further, so that Andrew could just make out the crotch of her pants. She got up and stood in front of him and turned around. Her bum was just a few inches from his face and the white cotton hugged her pert, round bottom concealed tantalisingly beneath the dark nylon of her tights.

‘Is that nice Andrew what does that make you feel like?’

Andrew was breathing deeply, and gulped — he could hardly speak and he was developing an erection, which seemed to grow by the second but was stifled slightly from his nervousness. He tried to calm himself and couldn’t believe how this situation had developed. He wanted to take control and cool things down but found his will overcome by Kylie’s intense sexuality.

‘I feel — I don’t know how I feel. Turned on, scared, confused’.

‘Scared? Do you want me to go?’

‘No I don’t want you to go Kylie, but I…’

As he spoke she let her hem go and sat astride his lap and put her arms around his neck.

‘I’m not going, I’m not finished with you yet.’

She looked down and noticed the bulge in his jeans. Although she had messed around with some guys at school, they were emotionally immature and the thought of turning on a man like Andrew excited her. She knew she was in complete control now. She stared into his eyes; he was like a rabbit in the headlights.

‘Andrew would you undo my blouse for me, I’m still a little warm.’

He had now lost all sense of perspective and his senses seemed to be flooded with her erotic schoolgirl charms. Any sense of propriety had been subverted by his libido and he could feel his body rushing with testosterone. With trembling fingers he loosened her tie and pulled it away. He moved to her top button and popped it through the hole, moving slowly down each one, gradually revealing her white bra.

As the last button was removed from its fastening Kylie sat up slightly and moved closer to Andrew, her cleavage just an inch from his face. He sniffed. She had a slight hint of perfume, which combined wonderfully with her own sweet scent. Andrew felt his heart beating even more quickly and his cock was now becoming really hard to the point of discomfort. This made him shuffle slightly, to ease his position. Kylie looked down and could see the huge swelling.

‘Ooh I can see I’ve made you uncomfortable, I bet you’d like to get it out wouldn’t you?’

Andrew just nodded.

‘Well tough, I’m not going anywhere’.

He unbuckled his belt and loosened the zip and the button on his jeans the best he could, which was just enough to release the strain on his poor penis. Kylie smiled and pressed her breasts into his face. The flesh was hot and Andrew rubbed his nose and mouth all over them. He grabbed her round the back and pulled her towards him as he rolled his face over her cleavage. Kylie reached round and undid the catches on her brassiere. She let it fall away and putting her hands on his shoulders leaned down and let her nipples brush his face. Her breasts were a 34D with soft, pink nipples. Andrew couldn’t believe what was happening. His cock had eased its way though his button-up boxes now and a good two inches were poking though a gap. As she let her breasts rub around his face Kylie felt the tip with her left hand and rolled it against her palm.

‘Oh Andrew, you’re a naughty man — but I’m naughtier’.

As she said this she rubbed her crotch against his dick, easing more and more of it out of his shorts as she did.

‘I’m gonna let you get it out properly now mate, want do you think I want you to do with it?’

She stood up and indicated to Andrew that she wanted him to stand up. Then giving him a girly, sheepish look she dropped to her knees in front of him. It was as if Andrew was under a spell now. He had no will power left to resist her.

She took hold of his dick and undid the two buttons above and below it and let him free completely. His six and a half inches stood up, fully erect. He was hard to bursting so that he ached. She took one look at the tip and looked up at him as she enrobed his cock with her mouth. Andrew gasped as he felt her hot mouth around his throbbing tool.

‘Oh Kylie, you got a lovely mouth… we shouldn’t be doing this. Oh no please, oh baby that’s good

Kylie pulled on him him slowly and sucked hard. He was building up quickly and his legs began to tingle. She could feel him throb harder and his glans seemed to swell in her mouth as she tugged him faster. Andrew’s breathing became deeper and faster as she sucked him with more expertise than he could have imagined.

‘Oh Kylie, Kylie, yes please yes, oh baby, Kylie!!!’

Andrew’s face contorted in pain and pleasure as she brought him to a juddering, ecstatic climax. Kylie pulled away as two jets of spunk shot out, one hitting her on the chin. She squealed as another good load pumped out splasing across her breasts. She took his cock and jerked off a few more drops, which fell on her chest.

Andrew collapsed on to the sofa, his chest heaving and his heart beating like he had run a marathon. Kylie began to dress and by the time Andrew had recovered, she was fastening her top button.

‘Oh Kylie’, was all he could say.

She smiled.

‘I got you good and proper mate, thanks, I enjoyed that. Got to go, my Mum will be back in a minute and the sun is out now. Bye.’

She promptly left and let herself out. She thought about the adventure that night. It made her happy that she had been able to stick two fingers up at everyone. They might keep her under wraps at school but today she had done exactly what she had wanted — she was in control. Now, she felt better about her uniform too, she saw it in a different way. Kylie wondered if she should visit Andrew again sometime. She would think of some excuse to go round and play with him some more.