A Surprise At The Party

I was at a party. A typical college party. Beer flowed from kegs and cigarette smoke filled the house. Men all moved about desperately trying to be cool and attractive for the ladies. The ladies moved about in various outfits. One wearing a teeshirt and jeans, one in a tight black dress, another in a halter top and shorts, and with each different outfit there was a different figure.

The girl in a teeshirt was not fat, but full figured with long dark brown hair and large breasts firmly standing underneath her shirt. The girl in the dress was almost her opposite, tiny features, tiny figure, tiny breasts, tiny blue eyes with soft blond hair. The girl in the halter top had a slim figure that curved around her body and lead to firm C-cup breasts, almost popping out of her top. If you could look up, you were drawn to her eyes which called for sex. Whatever the dress and figure, they were all beautiful and sexy.

I laughed. The room longed for sex, but not many of us would have the opportunity. I looked at the empty cup in my hand and turned back to the keg.
Bump. Slosh

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” I hadn’t realized that there was a girl right next to me and had bumped into her, spilling her beer on the floor. “Shit, ummm, let me get that.”

She didn’t say a word, just looked at me. So I looked at her.

She was beautiful. A small body. Long, light brunette, slightly curly hair. A soft face. Deep green eyes. Long lashes. A figure that curved up and down her side, around her tight ass, and along her long legs. She had breasts that were the perfect size for her body, probably a C-cup, firmly pressed together and proudly standing on her chest. She wore a white tank top that showed a little cleavage, a long, brightly colored hippie skirt, and sandals. She was a dream woman.

She didn’t say a word, but her eyes washed over me, assessing me.

I didn’t know what to do, so I spoke, “I’m really sorry. Do you want a towel? Should I get a towel? I should get a towel.”

She took my hand. Her eyes gave me one last sparkle, then she turned, leading me through the crowd.

I didn’t know what to do, say, think, so I followed.

Somewhere in that time we had put down our beer cups. I’m not sure when, it all seemed like a dream. We stepped out side where it was cooler and much less crowded. She lead me further away from the house. We walked to a patch of trees and stopped. She looked around for a moment, seeming to consider the spot, then turned to me, the sparkle still in her eyes.

“Hi. Sorry ’bout what happened back there. My name’s…”

She put a finger to my mouth and slid her body up to mine. Her head reached the top of my chest. Her other hand slid up my chest, her nails pressing against me through my cloths. Both her hands moved around to the back of my neck and pulled my head down to her lips. We met in a soft, breathy kiss. Her mouth slid down and she lightly bit my lower lip as her body pressed hard against me. My hands reached around and began moving down her back. They reached the top of her skirt. I cupped her hard ass and pulled her toward my crotch. She pressed against me, my cock hard my now. She felt it with her crotch and smiled.

Our kiss was harder now. Our mouths almost fighting with passion as our bodies dry humped against one another. I was biting her ear. Her neck. The top of her chest. She pushed my head down into her cleavage. I kissed the top of her right breast. My hand slid over her tank top to cup her left breast. I could feel the nipple hard and pressing against my hand through her top. I pinched it. She moaned, throwing her head back and pushing my head deeper into her cleavage. I pulled her right breast out of her top. There was no bra and it was a beautiful breast. Creamy and white with a small nipple pointing hard against the cool air. I kissed the side of her breast, the top, the bottom, but carefully avoided her nipple. Every so often I would breath over the top, but never touch it with my lips or tongue. I was still pinching her left nipple this entire time, rubbing her tit with my fingers. Suddenly I cupped her entire left breast and my teeth caught her right nipple. She gasped and her hands left my head, moving down to her crotch. She began to rub herself through her skirt. I raised my head and my hands both shot underneath her shirt, cupping her naked breasts with both hands. Her head flew back, she threw off her shirt, she grabbed my face and pulled me to her lips with one hand, her other hand was still frantically rubbing herself through her skirt.

When our bodies met, my crotch pressed against her hand. She moved her hand and cupped my hard cock through my pants. Her fingers then began to fumble for the zipper, and soon I was free. Her small hand began to move up and down along it, unable to grasp the whole thing. She pulled it against her crotch and pushed the end against her covered cunt. It pressed against her and almost seemed to start to enter her. Was she wearing panties?

I didn’t waste long finding out. One hand left her perfect tits, went down her back. I reached the top of her skirt and slid underneath it, feeling her bare skin. I pulled her against me. Her hands slid her chest until she reached her skirt. She pushed it down and stepped out of it.

I stared at her beauty. Her light body stood out against the night. Her large breasts stood firm with tiny nipples rock hard. Her body was slim and curved. Her cunt was bare except for a small patch of hair at the top. Her lips were swollen. I could see the shimmer of her cream coating her slit.

She slowly, seductively walked toward me. I took off my shirt. Her short walk seemed to take forever. My cock throbbed, waiting for what I thought was coming. She reached me. Running her hands along my chest, her nails now softly touching my skin. Her hands covered my tits and played with my nipples. I breathed heavily and moved to kiss her. She giggled and stepped around me, running her hands down my body. I could feel her breasts against my back, her soft pubic hair against my ass. Her hands slid down my body and soon reached my cock. She kissed my neck and began to stroke me. Her teeth biting my neck. She cupped my balls, kissed my back. She then turned me around, guiding me with my penis.

We faced each other. Her breath was heavy. She laid back along the ground, her legs spread, opening herself for me. I laid on top of her, our hot bodies pressed together, wrapped in the cool night air. Our lips met, tongues still exploring one another’s mouths. I raised my hips. She reached down and adjusted my cock to her bare cunt, rubbing it up and down along the wet slit, covering the head in her juices.

I began to push into her. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back and bringing her hips up to meet mine. Then I felt her hymen. She was a virgin. I started to pull out, but she just looked at me with crying, pleading, lust filled eyes. I leaned over, still half in her and kissed her forehead. She grabbed my ass and shoved me into her. I burst past her hymen. She let out a cry and tears began to drip out her eyes. I held myself in her, and just held her. Our bodies intertwined.

Soon she began to move. She was ready for more. I began to move in and out of her. Each thrust sliding along her wet hole. She was tight. Incredibly tight. She truly was an untouched angle. I pushed faster and faster, with each thrust rubbing my hips against her swollen clit. She let out moans that were filling in air, her hands running over her breasts, pinching her nipples. I pushed a deep thrust and held it. I kept going deeper and further into her wet canal. I pushed deeper. She let out a slight scream. I pushed deeper. I kissed her neck, she grabbed my head. I pushed deeper. She began to shake. Slowly I pulled out. A moan of lustful lose passed her lips. She tried to push me back in, but I kept pulling out. I stopped with just the head of my dick at her entrance.

She wanted more. I could tell she was close to cumming. Her eyes told me what she wanted. Her cunt was squeezing my head. Her hips were bucking up and down. I touched her cheek, smiled, and thrust myself even deeper into her. She let out a loud gasp and I began to fuck her with all I could. Pushing harder and faster against her. She met each thrust with her own hips, and with each thrust I went deeper.

I grabbed her right nipple with my fingers and squeezed, my mouth coming down and biting her left. That did it. Our hips pressed together. I was deep in her and she was cumming. She let out a gasp. Her cunt began to squeeze around me. Her pussy got wetter. She held my ass, holding my cock deep inside her. Her body shook for a least a full minute, a long sound floating from her lips. Time seemed to stop as she twisted in her orgasm.

Finally, she relaxed and gave me a soft kiss. I began to pull my still hard cock from her wet cunt, thinking she was probably spent for the night, but as I came out, she reached down and grabbed it, lowering it slightly and pressing it against her ass.

I looked at her, and she just nodded her head. I began to press into her ass. Her virgin ass was even tighter than her virgin vagina. I slowly pushed into it until I was halfway in. I then held it there, letting her get used to my size. When she seemed ready for more, I pulled out. She pouted, but as soon as I was out I flipped her over. She got onto her hands and knees and I could smell her sex in the cool air. I rubbed along her slit with my fingers, gathering juices and bringing them to her ass. I rubbed along the outside of her hole. I put a finger in her cunt, covering it with cum, her’s and mine. I placed my cum covered finger at her ass and pushed it in. She moaned, thrusting her ass back. I pulled my finger out and slipped two more into her cunt, covering them with cum. I brought both fingers out and placed them at her ass, slowly inserting both. She moaned and shoved her ass back against my hand. She was ready.

I whipped my hand on the grass. I grabbed her ass with one hand, my cock with the other. I placed myself at her ass and began to enter her. She pushed back. I was in her. Buried in her ass. I began to fuck her ass. Slowly at first, letting her get used to me. I reached around and grabbed her tits with both my hands, rubbing them as I began to pick up speed. She pushed back against me, encouraging me to go faster. Her hand went to her cunt and she began to finger fuck herself as I fucked her ass, teasing her clit with her thumb. She had three fingers moving in her soaked cunt and my penis could feel each finger while it was in her ass.

I bit her back and she began to cum again. Harder then the first time. A scream flying from her lips. Her body holding my cock with everything. That was all it took for me as well. My cock exploded, shooting my cum deep in her ass. We held each other tightly as our orgasms shook the world. Her ass squeezing every last drop of cum I had into her.

Finally we were able to breath again. I slipped my slowly wilting cock from her ass, sitting back on the grass and smiling. She stood and turned to face me. My cum dripping from her ass and her cum dripping from her cunt, mixed with a little bit of blood from her hymen. She brought a hand down and slid it between her legs, gathering a mix of all the juices and sliding it along her chest, covering herself in cum. She then brought her hand to her lips and licked off what was left.

She smiled at me and put on her tank top and skirt, cum still dripping from her cunt and her ass. She blew me a kiss, turned, and walked away.

And I watched her go.