Cheerleader Photo Shoot

Steve was your typical high school senior. He wasn’t the star athlete and he wasn’t the class geek, just the average kid in a large school. He was about 5′ 10″ and around 170lbs. Not a muscle man but he had a nice body and had average looks. Steve didn’t have any enemies, just lots of friends. He didn’t care if you were the most popular kid in school or the outcast that nobody would talk to, he would be your friend. The only down fall to Steve was that he was an 18 year old virgin. He thought about sex and wanted to have sex he was just not the kind of guy to really hit on girls or ask them out. Things were all about to change for him soon.

Friday night came and went and Steve had done nothing but sit at home since he wasn’t really part of the in crowd, the jocks and cheerleader, who were partying all night. Saturday morning arrived and Steve headed for work like he had been doing for the past year or so at a local photography studio. The day had been going by like it normally had, plenty of screaming little kids, but then the door opened and in walked Melanie Porter. Melanie was the head cheerleader and probably the prettiest girl in the school. As she walked in Steve couldn’t help but stare. Melanie was about 5′ 6″ and 125lbs, long blonde hair, very firm body, an ass that was too die for and the nicest pair of 34C breast that Steve had ever seen.

Melanie walked over to Steve and they exchanged the normal pleasantries and some small chit chat about school. Steve learned that she was in getting her senior pictures taken for the year book Melanie walked away to get her pictures taken and Steve went back to work. About ten minutes later Melanie walked out and up to Steve again. Melanie asked him if he took pictures and he told her yes, that he had hoped to become a professional photographer some day. Melanie stood there and thought for a minute then asked him if he would be interested in helping her and the other cheerleaders raise money for the senior prom. Steve figured that he probably wouldn’t be going to the prom so he really didn’t know if he wanted to help raise money for it, but the more he thought about it the more he figured that he would be able to spend time with Melanie and the other 5 cheerleaders. Steve asked her what it was she wanted him to do. Melanie went on to explain that they wanted to make a cheerleader calendar and sell them to raise money and they needed someone to take the pictures. Steve couldn’t believe his luck, being able to take pictures of 6 of the most beautiful girls he knew as they dance around in their cheerleading outfits. They made arrangements to start taking the pictures the following Saturday.

The following week seemed to drag on for what seemed like months as Steve anticipated the day he got to take the girls pictures. Everyday at school all he could do is look at the girls as they passed him in the hall and visualize them posing in their outfits. Saturday morning arrived and Steve gathered up all his camera equipment and headed out the door to go to Melanie’s house. Steve pulled up in front of the house just as Tina was arriving. Tina could have passed for Melanie’s twin except for the fact that her breasts were much bigger, at least two cup sizes.

As the two of them reached the front door they were greeted by Melanie standing there in her cheerleading uniform. Steve and Tina followed Melanie in the house. Melanie told Steve to make himself at home because it was going to be a few more minutes while the rest of the girls finished getting ready. Steve headed for the living room as the two girls headed upstairs to join the other girls and finish preparing. After sitting there for what seemed like hours he finally heard the girls starting to come downstairs. Steve turned to look and treated to the most wonderful sight, 6 beautiful girls bouncing down the stairs in their cheerleading uniforms. Watching their little skirts flip up and the breast bounce beneath their tops was starting to give him a very familiar feeling in his pants. Steve had to concentrate to make sure that he didn’t get up sporting a tent in his pants.

Once all the girls were down they all headed for the backyard so that they could start the photo shoot. Steve looked around to find the right spot for the shoot. As he looked around he found a large tree in the corner of the yard next to a privacy fence the offered some shade from the bright sun. They all moved to the corner of the yard and Steve instructed them that he would start off taking each girls picture individually and then he would take some of all the girls together.

The first girl to have her picture taken was Tina. As she moved into position, Steve noticed that her top seemed to be barely concealing her large breast. Tina started out by just doing the normal poses, standing with her hands at her sides, with her hands on her hips, and so on. Steve continued to snap pictures as her poses seemed to be getting more and more provocative. Tina was starting to pull her skirt up a little more and was running her hands over her breast and through her hair. Again Steve started getting that familiar feeling in his pants and had to concentrate to calm himself down.

One by one the other girl’s stepped in front of the camera for their pictures. After Tina came Vicki, a petite little brunette with small breast and a killer ass. Next up was Julie, a fiery red head with the biggest breast of any of the girls. Next was Paula, a tall blonde with medium size breast and an ass that was perfect for grabbing. After Paula came Amanda, the shy one of the group, always trying to hide her beauty behind her long brown hair. She always seemed to use her hair to cover her chest so it was hard to really tell just how big they were. Finally it was Melanie’s turn, the main object of Steve’s desires.

Steve was having a very difficult time concentrating on taking the pictures. Each girl seemed to posing just as Tina had, first starting out simple and then getting more and more provocative. Except for Amanda, she kept all of her poses simple, not feeling bold enough to rub on herself like the other girls had. The girls finished up their individual shots and it was time for the group photos. Steve couldn’t control the feeling in his pants any longer as he watched the girls doing their poses together, holding each other legs high in the air. The thing that put his erection over the top was when the girls got into a pyramid, giving Steve a perfect down all the girls tops. Melanie noticed the bulge in his pants as they were finishing up the pictures. The girls all got into a huddle as Melanie told the girls what she saw and decided that they needed to do something about it, since Steve was kind enough to take their pictures for them

Steve had his back to the girls as he started to gather up his gear when he heard Melanie say that there was another picture that they wanted taken. He turned around to see all six girls standing there side by side with their tops off. The bulge in his pants was now very apparent as he just stood there with his mouth wide open. All the girls had their eyes fixed on his pants as Melanie asked him if he was going to take the picture or not. Steve moved the camera up to his eye and began snapping picture after picture as the girls began posing, squeezing the breast together and pulling at their nipples. As he snapped the pictures he didn’t notice that Melanie had moved out of the shot. Suddenly he felt something on his pants and as he looked down he saw Melanie undoing his pants and start pulling them down.

Before he could say or do anything she had his pants around his ankles and his dick was pointing to the sky directly in front of Melanie’s face. All the girls gasped when they saw his 10 inch cock spring from his pants. Melanie just looked at his dick with amazement, not realizing that Steve had been hiding such a large package in his pants. As she reached up and wrapped her fingers around his hard dick, the other girls all gathered around them so they could get a better look. Steve just watched as Melanie began to give him his first hand job. He had stroked his dick before but the feeling was much better having a girl do it for him. Melanie gently began kissing the head of his dick before she began taking it in her mouth. Steve let out a loud moan as his dick entered a girl’s mouth for the first time in his life. Melanie did the best she could to take the entire length in her mouth but could only get about 7 inches of it in.

Melanie continued sucking his dick and Steve had gotten over the initial excitement of his first blow job. He looked around and saw that the girls were all in a circle around them and they were beginning to rub on themselves as they watched Melanie sucking his dick. He looked to his left to find Paula standing next to him with her eyes fixed on his dick. She was gently rubbing her breast through her top so Steve reached over and slowly ran his hand under her shirt finding that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and began rubbing her breast. Tina had seen enough and as she stripped out of her uniform she moved Melanie to the side so that she could have a go at his dick. Steve just watched in amazement as his dick disappeared in her mouth and all the other girls were stripped down naked except for Amanda, the shy one, she was still wearing her white laced bra and panties.

Tina’s mouth was working wonders on his dick and he continued to get handfuls of breast and ass. Steve was getting bolder as time went on and began reaching for the girl’s pussies. One by one he began rubbing their pussies, feeling their warmth and wetness. The only girl whose pussy he was unable to get a good feel of was Amanda. She hesitantly let him rub her through her panties but wouldn’t let him put his hand down her panties. Each girl, except Amanda, had taken their turn working on his dick, none of which had been able to take his entire length.

Amanda slowly got down on her knees in front of Steve and hesitantly took his dick in her hand. His dick was so wet from the other girl’s mouths that it slid through her hand easily. After a few minutes of stroking his cock she slowly began taking his cock in her mouth. At first she only took a couple of inches but then slowly started taking more and more of his dick in her mouth until his entire length was gone. All the girls just awed in amazement as they watched her take all of him in her mouth. Steve let out a long loud moan as his dick slid deep down her throat. With in minutes of her taking him deep down her throat he was shooting his load down her throat and she swallowed every last drop.

Steve’s knees almost buckled on him as the last drops of cum were squeezed out of him by Amanda’s mouth. As his dick began to soften, Amanda let it slide out of her mouth. Steve just stood there with a grin from ear to ear, unable to speak, as each girl gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for taking their pictures. The girls all gathered their clothes and headed for the house while Steve pulled his pants back up and finished gathering up his camera equipment. Once all his stuff was gathered up he headed in the house and to the front door. Opening the door he saw that Amanda was standing next to his car. When he reached his car Amanda asked him if he could give her a ride home, which he quickly said yes too.

The ride to her house was very awkward and very quiet, neither of them saying a word. Amanda finally broke the silence as the pulled up to her house and asked Steve if he wanted to come in for a coke, which he accepted. They made their way into the house, Steve having a seat on the couch and Amanda heading towards the kitchen to get the drinks. She returned with the drinks and they both sat silently on the couch. Amanda finally began telling him that she had never done that before and that she was still a virgin. Steve confessed to her that it was the first time for him too and that he was also a virgin. The more they sat there and talked, the more they got to know each other and feel more comfortable with each other.

Hours went by and Steve thought that it was best that he head home. Amanda walked him to the door and they began to say their goodnights. Steve was feeling a bit brave so he leaned in to give her a kiss, expecting for her to turn away, and was greeted by her lips to his. The kiss started out innocently but quickly began to get more passionate, their tongues began to explore each other mouths. Their hands began roaming over each others bodies. Amanda broke the kiss, grabbed him by the hand and led him upstairs to her room. Once inside she leads him to the bed where they both sit down and begin kissing again. The more they kiss the more their hands wonder and before long they are both naked in each others arms.

Steve lays Amanda on the bed and just looks at her body for a minute, she is beautiful. For all those years she had been covering up a body that would put the rest of the girls to shame. Her body was tan all over, no tan lines, with breast that fit perfectly in his hands and nipples that were perfect little pink circles. As his eyes wondered to her pussy he saw a neatly trimmed pussy, just a small patch of hair just above her slit. He slowly began rubbing and sucking on her breast, causing her nipples to grown outward. As he began kissing his way down her stomach he could hear her breathing getting faster. Once he got to her pussy he just examined it for a second, smelling her sweet fragrance, before lightly putting his tongue to her pussy lips. Her body shuttered when his tongue first touched her pussy and the more he licked the more she squirmed on the bed. He had never done this before, but had seen it in movies, but guessed by her moans that he was doing a good job. Soon her juices were flowing from her pussy, coating his mouth.

Amanda had had enough and rolled him over on his back. Steve laid there and watched as she took his dick in her mouth for the second time today. This time felt different, softer, and gentler. Maybe it was because this time it was just the two of them and not an audience. After a few minutes of great oral sex, Steve decided that it was time for real sex.

Steve laid her on the bed and gently climbed on top of her. As he guided his dick to the opening of her pussy he looked at her and asked her if she was sure that she was ready. With her beautiful blue eyes looking directly into his, she grabbed him by the waist and pulled the head of his dick into her waiting pussy, soft moans of pleasure escaped from her mouth. Slowly he pushed his dick further into her until he felt the obstruction inside her. She looked up at him and gave him her approval as he pushed his dick completely in her. She let out a loud scream as the pain shot through her body. Steve started pulling out of her but she grabbed his waist and held him there for a minute.

Once the pain had subsided he slowly began sliding his dick in and out of her. Moans of pleasure shot from both of their mouths as they enjoyed sex for the first time. Steve leaned down and placed a kiss on her neck, listening to her whisper his name in between moans. The excitement from hearing her moaning in his ear caused him to want to quicken his pace but he didn’t want this to ever end. Amanda’s moans started getting louder and eventually she was screaming for him to fuck her hard. Hearing this really got him going and he began pumping his cock in her hard and fast. Within minutes she was screaming as her orgasm took over, her body tensed and her fingers dug into his back. This sent him over the top as he slammed his dick deep inside of her and unloaded his juices deep inside of her.

Steve and Amanda just laid on the bed, their sweaty bodies entangled in each other. The two of them drifted off to sleep holding each other tight.