Cheerleaders Diary

Dear Diary,

Sorry that I haven’t written lately, but it has been a most amazing time at college. After eighteen years of being told by my parents, teachers and sometimes it seemed everyone else in my world, especially older brothers, what to do and when; these first few weeks have been amazing.

Of course, before they all drove me to college, my parents and every last one of my seven older brothers and their families threw me a fabulous eighteenth birthday party. I got all kinds of things for my dorm room and new clothes. I used the party to tell my high school boyfriend Steve that it was O-V-E-R. Since we were going to different colleges, we both knew it would never work…his fault for not making better grades so he could get into a good school like I did. I think he was cheating on me anyway; not that we ever went all the way.

That reminds me, the most exciting news of the past couple weeks…I lost my virginity. Well, had it taken is more accurate. Like in high school I tried out for the cheerleading squad. But things are different here at college. Instead of just entertaining the crowds and motivating the team at games, you have to entertain and motivate the players…off the field.

I was surprised and frightened at first when I found out. In fact, I almost decided not to try out at all, but I have ALWAYS been a cheerleader. My Mama was a cheerleader. Even Nana was a cheerleader, way back. Of course, they were only high school cheerleaders. I want to be the first girl in the family to make the college squad. I could not let a little thing like my virginity stand in the way of that.

I didn’t really know what it would be like. I heard the other girls, whose turn came before mine, talk about it though. It was simple really. You went to the dorm where most of the players lived and you signed in as someone’s study buddy. They came down and escorted you back to their room where you had sex with him…and any of his friends around. But you had to be done and out of there by ten o’clock curfew.

I was really nervous when it was my turn. At lunch, Sally May, the head cheerleader, gave me a slip of paper that contained the name and room number of the player that I was to…entertain and motivate. Wouldn’t you know it; it was Tyreese Moore, the star running back and possible Heisman Trophy candidate. I got even more scared then. I had hoped for someone more…well, like me; maybe the hot, blonde quarterback, who was known for his high grades as much as his throwing arm. If he did not make the NFL, he would certainly be a Rhodes Scholar.

Tyreese was the exact opposite of all that. He was a kid from the inner city, who could have never made it to college without football. He was also black. Having never actually been with a guy before, the thought of having a black guy as my first was terrifying. Was it really true? The size thing.

I spent the afternoon reconsidering my decision to try out, but I really, really, REALLY wanted to be a college cheerleader. So at 7 PM sharp, I signed into the visitors list. I was really nervous as I waited in the lobby for him to come collect me…for our study session. I wondered if the mini-skirt and tank top I wore was the right choice for this sort of thing. After all, he got to help decide if I actually made the squad. It would be horrid to do this and then not even make the squad after all. But he seemed to appreciate my athletic body, even if he was a full foot taller than me.

I have to be honest here (I could never admit it to anyone but you); when he took my hand in his huge, dark one, I got hotter than Steve ever made me. It was partly how much bigger he was, but mostly it was how much darker. I know that it is bad, but I can’t help how I feel.

When we got back up to his room, I was happy to see that no one else was around. I mean doing one guy like this was bad enough; I did not want a roomful of them like a couple of the other girls had. He offered me a wine cooler. I knew we were breaking all kinds of rules…no alcohol in the dorms…no alcohol to anyone under 21. But I really needed it to help me relax. I think I drank the whole thing in a single gulp as he sat down on his twin bed. When I was finished, he demanded to ‘see what you have to offer.’

I was really glad I had drunk the damned thing then, because my fingers were trembling as I unbuttoned my skirt and let it slide down my tanned legs. I kicked it to the side and smiled. That wine cooler must have been stronger than I thought. I pulled my tank top over my head to reveal my tits…I hadn’t bothered with a friggin’ bra, I hate those things. So there I stood in just my white cotton bikini panties.

He must have liked what he saw cause he started to touch his thingy through his track bottoms. My eyes must have gotten as wide as saucer when I noticed how big the thing was. It was half way down his thigh…no lyin’. He told me to ‘get your pretty white ass over here and suck my black cock.’ I had sucked Steve’s a couple of times, but it was no where near this big.

I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I remember is his fingers in my blonde hair forcing my head down as he lifted his hips off the bed and slammed his cock so far down my throat I thought I would choke. Then he pulled back until just the head was between my lips. I felt his fingers then brushing my panties to the side. Then his thick fingers were trying to get inside my virgin pussy. He tried for several minutes before he finally slapped my ass and shoved his cock back down my throat. I must have opened my legs more at the shock of choking again, because suddenly I felt the biggest thing I had ever had inside me. His finger was way bigger than the tampons I used. ‘Damn, you tight, girl. You betta suck that thing good…get it real wet or it gonna hurt like hell in this hole,’ he said as his fingers mauled my tender flesh.

It already hurt like hell, I thought as I went back to sucking him. I hoped that maybe I could do like I always did with Steve; get him to cum in my mouth so he would leave my virgin pussy alone. So I sucked and licked like never before…and Steve always said I gave a good blow job. I tried to use my hands, but they would not fit around the thing. So instead I played with his balls, but those were huge too. I mean they must have been the size of a golf ball or a plum. Sure, Steve’s was the only guy I had ever seen, but something told me this one was really special.

It must have been working because I heard his breathing get faster and he was pumping his hips into my face harder. But it sure would have been nice if he had warned me before unloading in my mouth and all over my face and chest. He came A LOT more that Steve. It seemed it would never stop. But he kept holding my head there so that I had to swallow it all. But I didn’t care, because if he came in my mouth then I knew it was over.

When he was done though, he lifted me from where I had knelt on the floor and pushed me back onto his bed. ‘Your turn now, girl. Cause you gonna need to be super wet and horny to get this black cock in your virgin pussy,’ he proclaimed as he pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them aside. I was going to ask how he knew I was a virgin, but then I felt his lips, tongue and teeth on that pussy. Of course, I knew about this, but Steve had never offered to return the favor…ever. So I was shocked that this stranger would do something so…intimate.

OMG…it was amazing. He would lick my hole; a couple of times he even licked at the other one (the nasty one). He would use his sharp teeth on my clit to hold it out. Then he would actually suck it like a lollipop. It was too much. I actually came harder than I ever had with my pocket rocket or fingers. I think I might have even passed out, cause the next thing I remember is him being over me.

Then I felt his hand between my open legs and he had that thing…trying to put it inside me. I opened my mouth to say something, but he just kissed me instead. It burned and hurt like hell as I felt him trying to stretch me open down there. I felt tears slip down my cheeks and thought he might give up when it didn’t work. Instead, he smiled and said ‘Damn, girl, I gotta stretch this thing out for the brothas.’

I got real scared then, but he went back to kissing me. He was a much better kisser Steve or the couple of other boys I have kissed. Maybe because his lips are fuller and his tongue thicker? But he just kept kissing me…that and the wine cooler must have relaxed me…because then I felt it. He slammed his hips forward and I screamed, except of course it wasn’t very loud because he was still kissing me. He put it all the way in me…well as far as he could get it anyway. It hurt again when he hit the back, but he just held it there for a long while and kissed me some more.

‘Damn, girl, that’s some sweet white pussy,’ he said between kisses as he started to move inside of me. It hurt still, but not so bad. It was more like the burning feeling you have for a long time after you skin your knee. He was nice and slow at first, until it quit burning so bad.

Then he started to move faster and faster. I could tell he was going deeper too, which shocked me…where was it going anyway? Then he threw my legs over his arms and lifted my ass off the bed. That made him go even deeper. I think I must have started to moan or whimper, because he said ‘You better be quiet, girl, or we’ll have company tonight.’ I was really shocked when he brushed the side of my face and replied, ‘Since Sally May says she thought you were a virgin, I had planned to keep it just the two of us this first time. But if you start oh-ing and aw-ing like you’s in heat, this room gonna be full of horny niggas wantin’ they turn at this fine white pussy.’

I certainly did not want that, so I nodded my head as he went back to thrust inside of me. Except suddenly it wasn’t hurtin’ no more. It started to feel good…real good. I was biting my lips and scrunching the sheets in my fingers to keep from screaming as he pounded deeper into me. He was sweating too…me too for that matter. Mama may say that ladies glow, but she obviously ain’t had a cock like that inside her pussy…you sweat.

In the end, I had to turn my head to the side and actually scream into the softness of the bed. It just felt that damned good. No, it felt great. I never came like that. Then I felt him cumming too…inside of me. I would have panicked, except I was still cumming.

But afterwards I did get real scared. I couldn’t get pregnant…not my first year in college. Sally May says she’ll take me to the clinic and get me on the pill as soon as my period comes.

Anyway, Ty, as he told me to call him, bribed the guard downstairs. I stayed the whole night in his room…just the two of us. Obviously, I got the thumbs up from him. Of course, I think Sally May and the other football players ain’t too happy with us. Ty decided that he would ‘keep my sweet white ass all to hisself.’

Well, I have to run now. I am off to cheerleading practice…and then over to Ty’s room. I’ll be back…sometime.