“Mother, I’m so embarrassed!” Heather whined. “Can’t we please just go home?” “I promise to be a good girl, really I do!” “I’m sorry, dear,” Beth Peters replied gently, “but I’m afraid that we’re way past the point of no return.” Heather sat glumly in one of the three leather easy chairs that formed an arc around the front of the desk of Nancy Rogers, who was the headmistress of The Private School For Wayward Girls. The sullen eighteen year old and her mother sat silently while waiting for Mz. Rogers to make an appearance. Heather glanced at the clock on the wall and offered hopefully, “Maybe she forgot about our appointment, mom!” “I don’t think so, dear, her secretary said that she’d be in shortly.” Again the two women fell silent until the door literally burst open as Nancy Rogers swept into the room. “I’m Nancy Rogers,” she said in a neutral tone, “and this must be Heather and Beth Peters.” “It’s nice to meet you Mz. Rogers,” Beth quickly replied. “Likewise,” the headmistress answered while taking her seat behind the massive oak desk. “So, let’s get down to business, shall we!?!”

Mz. Rogers picked up Heather’s already thick file and asked, “So, it seems that you’re having a problem with the boys, is that right?” Before Heather could reply her mother interjected, “Not just with the boys, Mz. Rogers, but with black boys!” “I seeeeee,” she replied softly. “Is that true, Heather, are you having trouble with black boys?” “Well, I wouldn’t exactly cause it trouble,” the young woman answered softly. “No trouble?!?!” her mother exploded. “She drops her panties for any black buck that asks her to, and I call that a problem!” Nancy put down the file and turned to Beth Peters and replied, “Your daughter has an addiction, Mrs. Peters.” “There’s no use beating around the bush, and I’m sure that you’re well aware that there is no cure!” “I know, I know,” Beth replied weakly, “it’s just that I’m at my wits end.” “I don’t want my daughter acting like a little slut for every stray black stud that comes along.” “Is that so wrong of me?!?” “Of course not,” Nancy replied smoothly, “and that’s why we’re here, to help her with her problem.” “Do you really think you can help her?” Beth asked hopefully. “It’s not a matter of controlling her, but more like we help her learn to manage her desires,” the headmistress answered gently.” “God, I certainly hope so,” Beth replied. “I certainly do.”

Now turning her attention to Heather Nancy asked, “Tell me the truth, child, what is it that attracts you to these young black studs?” Her face turned three shades of crimson before she mumbled, “Well, you see it’s like this, I just can’t help myself when a good looking black boy touches me, I just melt and do as I’m told.” “I suppose that you’ve become addicted to their large penises,” Nancy added. “Y-yes, I have,” Heather answered with her head hung down. “I try not like it, but when they put their big cocks into my tight little pussy I just cum all over the place!” “And you suck them too?” the headmistress asked. “And let them cum in my mouth if that’s what they want,” the young woman added, “I just love the taste of jizz from a hard black pecker.” “I see,” Nancy Rogers replied thoughtfully. “So, if a young black stud suddenly came into the room what would you do?” “I-I”m afraid I’d fuck him!” she replied sheepishly. “Even in front of your mother?” “I wouldn’t care,” Heather replied. “In fact I’d probably offer her some black cock!” Nancy turned again to Beth Peters and opined, “I think you can see what we’re up against!” “Your daughter would have no compunction at all in having sex with a black man even in front of you!” Beth just nodded her head in agreement while waiting to see what would happen next.

“We may as well get this over with,” Nancy said evenly while pushing on the intercom and requesting that Jason Hall be sent in at once. “Jason has been with us for almost a year now,” Nancy said while waiting for the young man to come in. “Ahhhh, here he is!” Both Beth and Heather turned to stare as a young well built black man stopped next to the desk with his head hung down reverently. “This is Jason,” Nancy said, “he will be taking care of Heather’s needs.” It was obvious that Heather’s breathing was becoming quite shallow as she stared at the handsome young stud. “Heather?” Nancy asked softly. “Would you like to see Jason’s penis?” “O-oh yesssss!” came her instant reply. “Please let me see it!” “I think that that can be arranged, but first I think you should pull up you skirt and slip off your panties!” In almost frightening speed the young woman literally tore off her undies while sitting with her legs splayed while vigorously fingering her blonde haired bush! “Do you like her vagina, Jason?” Nancy asked softly. “Yes’m,” he answered quietly. “Would you like to put your penis in her vagina?” she pressed on. “Very much!” came his quick reply. “And you, Heather, would you like Jason to fill your little vagina with his big hard erection?” “God yessssss!” she moaned while she wildly fingered her dripping little slit.” “Okay then,” Nancy replied gently, “I guess it’s time!”

Beth Peters looked on with eyes the size of saucers as Jason Hall dropped his trousers to the floor, leaving him standing there in only his black bikini under shorts! A huge banana appeared to be hidden inside of them, but as they all knew, it was Jason’s huge cock that was begging for release from its nylon prison! “Would you like to open your present now?” Nancy asked Heather softly. “Ohhhhhh yes, may I?!?” the excited young woman begged. With a mere nod from the headmistress Jason moved up next to the young blond and watched with slight amusement as her shaking hands slipped his shorts down over his trim hips and thighs, allowing his massive organ to flop free into the cool air! Heather was like a wild animal as she engulfed the monster into her mouth and began fellating it with utter and complete abandon! “Do you see how deep seated her problem really is?” Nancy asked Beth. “She could no more turn down a chance to fuck and suck this big black cock as she could stop the sun from rising in the east and setting in the west!!!” Beth made and audible gulp before whispering, “I-I never realized……..” “Well, now that you understand what she’s faced with maybe you can be a little more empathetic towards her,” Nancy replied smoothly. “I’ll certainly try,” Beth replied. “M-may I ask you a question?” “Of course you may,” Nancy replied, “ask away.” “W-well uh, you see I was just wondering….” “You were just wondering if you could lift your own dress and masturbate along with your daughter, am I right?” “Yesssssss, that’s it!” Beth moaned. “Well, be my guest!” Nancy replied, “you are definitely among friends here!”

The moans and sighs coming from the Peters women were becoming louder and more insistent when Nancy quietly said to Jason, “I think she’s ready, take her hard.” The big dicked young man pulled his thick pecker from Heather’s eager mouth, and after leaning over and kissing her deeply on the lips, pulled her to her feet and leaned her face down over front of Nancy Rogers’ desk. “Tell us, dear,” the headmistress ask sweetly. “Tell us how much you need Jason’s huge penis in your tight little pussy.” “Oh god, please give it to me!” she pleaded while spreading her legs farther apart to afford him easier entry. “I’m a black cock loving cock sucker!” Heather’s mother stared with her mouth agape at her daughter’s cute little bulging vagina, while wondering at the same time how on earth Jason’s massive erection would ever fit inside such a tiny hole! She was jarred back to reality by Nancy’s soft voice. “Mrs. Peters, would you be so kind as to guide Jason’s erection into your daughter’s vagina?” “I think it would help create a bond between you and her that has been sorely lacking.” “Uh, okay,” Beth stammered while slipping to the floor next to her daughter’s plump ass. “I-I don’t want to hurt her!” “Don’t worry!” Nancy laughed. “Girls and women with Heather’s addiction can handle cocks much larger than normal with absolutely no problem what so ever!” “Well, if you think it’s all right,” the concerned mother replied while gently taking the incredible piece of coal black cock flesh into her shaking hand. “I hope you’re ready, dear, because here it comes!”

Beth’s fingers came nowhere near encircling Jason’s thick organ, and she sighed deeply while contemplating its massiveness as she carefully ran the huge head up and down the length of Heather’s sopping wet little pussy. “P-please, mommy,” she young woman whimpered, “please let my pussy have its toy.” Beth’s free hand was whipping to and fro over her distended clitoris as she slowly but surely fed the black snake into her daughter’s white hot vagina. As each inch disappeared inside of her the poor girl’s pussy was racked with one brutal orgasm after another! In a hushed tone the stunned mother mumbled, “I-I just can’t believe she taking it all!” In all the excitement Beth hadn’t even noticed when Nancy Rogers appeared at her side sporting a vicious looking black strap on dildo that was practically a twin for Jason’s super hard black erection. Nancy took the shell shocked woman by the arm and pulled her to her feet before pushing her face down along side her daughter. “W-what are you going to do to me?!?” the frightened woman asked fearfully. Little Heather rolled her head to the side and after spying the enormous rubber cock moaned loudly, “S-she’s gonna fuck you like you’re a whore!” “Oh god, Heather!” Beth gasped as the thick piece of latex slid into her hairy slot. “W-were both getting fucked so nice and hard!” “I-I’m sorry you’re so disappointed in me,” the young girl mewled, “but I just can’t help myself.” “I understand now exactly how you feel,” Beth sighed, “and I apologize for not being there for you.” “T-that’s okay, mommy,” Heather gasped, “the only thing that matters now is that we have a nice hard orgasms together.”

Beth leaned over and began tonguing her daughter’s mouth while Nancy and Jason powered their long thick black cocks in and out of their helpless pussies! The two women probed each others throats as while their pussies spasmed hard around the invading monsters in a seemingly never ending string of earth shattering climaxes! When it was finally over the two of them slumped to the floor with their legs still splayed wide apart while their labia continued twitching spasmodically as the gasped for breath! Nancy dropped to her knees to give Jason’s cock a quick tongue wash before sending him on his way. Now turning her attention back to the happy duo she offered, “So, that’s how we’ll be handling Heather’s problem.” Beth smiled first and Nancy and then at her daughter before replying, “You mean condition, she’s got no problem what so ever!” “Heather smiled back at her mother and sighed, “Thank you mommy, and I love you!!!”