Dorm Games

“Hi Kell, what’s up?” asked Jane, noticing her busty blonde roommate peeking through the open door.

“I just finished my Chem lab that’s due on Monday and wanted to see what’s up around here. You guys doin’ anything interesting?” Kelli walked into the guys dorm room. All three boys took notice of the prototypical Southern California, blonde hair, blue-eyed, 18 year old goddess with legs up to her neck and a chest that could barely be contained by a bikini. Kelli Smith didn’t go many places where she wasn’t immediately the center of male attention.

Jane was surprised at Kelli’s arrival. To the disappointment of all the guys on the co-ed dorm floor, Kelli was usually in her room studying or reading a book. Most weekends she went home to visit her parents. Being anti-social was a kind description. If not for her incredible looks she would have been considered an absolute bookwormish nerd. Instead, she was just considered as playing “hard to get”. At least that’s what all the guys in the dorm told each other. Then Jane remembered that her roommate’s parents were away on a vacation, realizing Kelli must be stuck in the school dorm all weekend.

“Not a whole heck of a lot is interesting in this room. We were just thinking about playing some liar’s dice. Justin got some homeless guy to buy a bottle of tequila for us.” Jane winked at Kelli, knowing the freshman wasn’t a big drinker. Jane had never seen her take a sip of anything harder than diet coke.

Kelli glanced around the small, messy dorm room. It was Justin and Roger’s room, one slept on a bed on each side of the room. Both were busy setting up a folding card table and a couple chairs. Beth, a cute brunette that lived in the room next to Kelli and Jane’s was there, as was Steve, a friend of Justin’s from his hometown. Steve lived on the floor below with the rest of the lacrosse team. Kelli saw him and flashed a timid smile his way.

Steve smiled back at Kelli and patted the bed next to where he sat, “Come on Kelli, kick back and play with us.”

“I don’t know how to play, but thanks anyway.” Kelli muttered. Blushing, she turned to go back to her room. She wasn’t used to being in the company of so many people.

“Wait a sec,” called Steve, “let me show you how to play. It’s really simple. If a brainiac like you doesn’t understand after I’m done explaining then you can go, alright?” Kelli shrugged and sat on the bed next to him. “OK, we play with 5 dice and a cup, like this one” he picked up the plastic cup and rattled the dice inside. “The first person shakes and then looks at what they have without showing anyone else, then they call a hand. The next person to go decides if they want to try and beat that throw, or call the person a liar. If you call the person a liar and are right, they have to take a drink, if you call ’em a liar and you’re wrong, you take a drink. Oh, and if you try to beat the roll, you have to have something better, so even if you don’t get shit, lie about it. Then the next person around the table decides to roll or call you a liar. That’s pretty easy, huh?” Kelli nodded. Steve asked, “Have you played poker before?”

“Yep!” replied Kell enthusiastically. “We used to play in high school, my family had a game night every Friday.”

“Really? Well, you need to roll a better poker hand to beat the last person, so I don’t need to teach you that. You’ll probably kick ass at this game, if you have a good poker face that is. Did you win much when you played with your family?” asked Steve.

“I won more than I lost,” beamed Kelli proudly, “but it was just for fun.”

“So, are you gonna stay and play or what?” interrupted Jane.

“Um, yeah, I guess so. It sounds kinda fun.” Kelli thought she’d be good at this game, especially when Steve had asked about her poker face. Back home she had always won against her family. They said they could never tell when she was bluffing.

The dorm friends gathered around the table that Justin had set up in the small room. On the card table sat the cup and dice, a bottle of tequila and 6 shot glasses borrowed from Roger’s collection. Justin filled each glass with tequila and slid one in front of each person.

“Ok guys, this is like the lighting of the torch at the Olympics. Let’s do a shot and get started.” Justin threw his shot down his throat and the rest followed suit, Kelli last of all. After she finished the drink with a grimace and a coughing fit, she was greeted with a round of applause. “Last to drink, first to roll, go ahead Kelli” said Justin, placing the cup of dice in front of her.

Kelli shook the cup and rolled. She carefully raised the cup so only she could see the dice, “Um, two of a kind, twos and sixes.”

“I can beat that,” said Justin. He rolled. “Three threes.”

Roger was next and called three sixes. Jane said she had a full house, ones and twos, Beth called her a liar and was right, Jane slammed down the shot Justin had poured for her.

The next round started with Beth, who called out three fours. Steve’s turn came up and with an “OH Damn!” called five fours. Realizing only two hands could beat Steve, Kelli called him a liar. With a shit eating grin he showed her the hand.

“Oh gosh!” exclaimed Kelli and with a grimace drank the tequila. Steve started the next round since he hadn’t been lying. He shook the dice, looked under the cup and with a big smile said, “Four sixes, Kelli, I guess its not your lucky day.”

She looked at him quizzically, trying to figure out if he was telling the truth. Then it dawned on her she would need five of a kind to beat him. Kelli decided he was telling the truth. He was going first, why would he bluff? She rolled the dice and quickly said five twos.

“Yeah, right” said Justin as he lifted the cup. “Looks like you meant to say ‘two fives'” Kelli was poured another shot.

She looked at Steve, “Did you really have four sixes?”

He started laughing and pushed the tequila shot towards her. “God Dammit!” cursed Kelli. Jane looked at her roommate in shock, having heard her curse for the first time. Justin and Roger started chanting, “Kelli, Kelli, Kelli!” With a giggle, she drank the liquor. The three shots of tequila were burning in her belly and quickly having an effect on her inhibitions. Getting rid of them, that is.

The next round Steve called Beth a liar and lost, Jane called Roger’s bluff and made him drink. Justin lost when Kelli had rolled five twos on the next round, then Kelli lost again when she didn’t think Steve had five of a kind. She was starting to feel light headed, giggling at jokes that were made and making stupid mistakes with the dice. Kelli had noticed the vulgar language and sexual innuendos the group used and at first had been mortified. But now, she thought, it didn’t seem so bad…the jokes they made were really funny and she scolded herself for being such a prude.

The next time it came around Kelli grinned and said said, “Six twos”. Justin laughed and lifted the cup, “Hey Kelli, there are only five dice remember?” Everyone laughed but Kelli, who was already busy taking another drink.

She was starting to hear a ringing in her ears and felt very flush, it was pleasant though and she was liking the feeling. She was aware that her leg was rubbing against Steve’s. Every time it was her turn, he would touch her knee or thigh and say, “Your turn, Kelli” or something similar. With every touch, she was becoming more aware of the heat between her legs. A few times she caught herself staring at his lips, his eyes or his biceps.

After another half hour of playing and a few more shots, Kelli was completely drunk. Beth, also quite tipsy, decided she’d had enough and excused herself to go to bed. Steve exclaimed with a sigh, “I’m bored of this game. Kelli, you wanna play something else? I don’t think you should play any more drinking games.”

She looked greatfully at him. “Neither do I. What kind of a game do you have in mind, Steve-O?” she asked, giggling at her nicknaming prowess. All the guys grinned at her, making her feel even more witty.

“How about some poker? You were telling me before you had played with your family back home. Sounded like you are pretty good.”

“That sounds like a fantastic idea, now you guys will be on my turf. Do you have any chips?” asked Kelli. “Hopefully you have some chips ’cause you guys won’t be playing long if we are playing for money.” she added arrogantly.

“On your turf?” replied Justin “What are you, the great white poker player? You don’t wanna play for money, babe, cuz you’ll lose it all playing with us guys.”

“Whatever, Justin.” she retorted, getting angry at his cockiness and the implication she couldn’t win just because she was a girl. “I’ll beat the pants off you guys.”

A large grin came over Roger’s face, “So you wanna play strip poker, huh Kelli?”

She snapped her head in Roger’s direction, “I did not say that.”

“Yeah you did, you just said you’d take our pants, you’re not gonna chicken out now are you? If you’re so good, what do you have to worry about? Or are you afraid that we’ll all get to see you sitting there naked with three clothed guys.”

“BAWK, BAWK, BAWK, BAWK”. Steve started chanting and the other two quickly joined in the cluck taunting.

Kelli retorted hotly, “I don’t have a thing to worry about. I’ll take your pants and your underwear too. And when you lose everything you have on, you’ll have to run across campus at noon, bare-ass naked!”

She was getting very aroused thinking that she would get to see Steve naked. Never did a thought enter her drunken mind that she would lose. Her liquor fogged brain forgot to remind her of those consequences.

Jane, sitting quietly and taking it all in, spoke up, “Oh shit, I’d love to see that, but I suck at poker and I’m gonna go to bed. See ya in the morning, roomie.” She got up and left.

“OK Kelli, we’ll see how good you are. Justin, get the cards. Steve you in?” As the door shut behind Jane, Kelli felt a little less sure of the situation.

“Yeah, I’m in”

“Here’s how we’ll play. We will play five card draw with no wilds or anything stupid like that. Everyone antes a piece of clothing before the cards are dealt and each person can raise one piece of clothing each round. A pair of shoes counts as one piece and so does a pair of socks, everyone starts with five pieces. You can ante and bet with any winnings you have but you can only put your own clothes back on. We’ll play five card draw.” Steve paused to make sure everyone was good with the rules. His wolf’s leer was lost on Kelli as he turned to her, “Oh, yeah, Kelli, you wanna make a side bet? You said you’re gonna make me run naked across campus right?”

“Yep.” Kelli exclaimed, confidently laughing.

“Well, if I lose before you, then I’ll run across campus naked. But, if you lose all your clothes before me, you have to give us all a blowjob.”

“What? No WAY am I gonna give you a blowjob! You’re SICK!!” Kelli started to get up from her seat.

Steve put his hand on her shoulder. “You only have to if you lose, Kelli.” Steve said hastily, trying to quickly convince her. Roger thought about it for a split second. “Ok, ok, you won’t have to give us a blowjob, but if you want to humiliate me, I should get a chance to humiliate you, too. So if you lose, you have to lay on my bed and masturbate ’til you cum, and while you masturbate you have to do whatever I tell you to do. I think that’s fair, especially cuz you’re not gonna lose, right?”

“Hmmmm. You know what, you’re right Roger, I’m gonna have so much fun watching you run across campus naked with your thingie flopping all over during noon break” she slurred.

With that decision, Justin took off his shoes and said ante up. As Kelli put her shoes up, Steve asked how many pieces of clothing she had on. The guys all had five and she had six, so she put her shoes to the side and anted her socks.

Justin dealt the hand. Kelli glanced down at her cards. She didn’t have much, a pair of twos and the rest junk. Roger bet his socks, Steve followed with his socks, Kelli folded and so did Justin. Roger threw away two cards, Steve one. Roger opened with his shirt and Steve folded. ‘Must have been going for a straight or a flush’, Kelli thought.

Justin dealt again. Kelli slowly peeled off her shirt and put it on the table for her ante. Justin anted his socks, Roger put in Steve’s socks and Steve put in his shirt. ‘Luckily I’m wearing my nice bra’, thought Kelli. She was better off this time. Two 9’s, two Jacks and a 3. Betting started with Steve and he passed, Kelli thought about betting but decided she didn’t want to give up her pants yet. Roger and Justin both passed too. Kelli threw in one card and got another two. ‘Oh Yes!’ she thought, ‘I’ve got to win this hand’. Kelli looked down at the table, trying to hide her broad grin. She was so happy at her fortune and tipsy from the tequila, she didn’t notice what cards everyone had thrown in. She also didn’t see Steve slyly show Roger his hand, or Roger pass Steve a card under the table. Steve started the betting with his pants. Standing only in his boxers, Kelli could see the hard bulge in the front and again became aware of the heat in her pussy. Here goes, she thought, and took off her pants putting them on the table. Justin and Roger folded.

“Whatcha got, Steve-O? Think it can beat this?” She laid down her full house, twos over Jacks.

“Yeah, Kell, I think I can beat that.” smiled Steve, laying down his own full house, Queens over eights.

“Oh, no,” croaked Kelli, “Oh yeah,” replied Steve, grinning.

“OK, Kelli, lets see what ya got, time to ante up”. All three boys were staring at her in anticipation.

Kelli wasn’t sure what she should do. She knew that she shouldn’t be taking off her clothes in front of these boys, but on the other hand, she HAD made a bet. Her head was spinning and as she slowly raised her hands behind her back, she could feel the blood pulsing in her pussy. Kelli slowly stripped off her bra and threw it on the table. Her pink nipples were standing straight out from her grapefruit sized breasts. The others took their time anteing up while they ogled her hot body. The next hand was dealt and Kelli looked at her cards. Three threes, a six and an eight. Well, I have a shot, she thought.

“Kelli, it’s your bet” said Justin. “I’ll pass,” She replied. Roger was the only one to bet, commenting that he wanted to see if Kelli was a natural blond. Kelli removed her panties and quickly sat back down. She threw in 2 cards and this time watched carefully what everyone else threw, too. Steve got two new cards, Roger and Justin, one each.

Kelli looked at her cards. She had gotten her fourth three! She was supposed to start the betting and again she passed, not having anything to bet with. Justin also passed and then Roger smiled and said, “I’ll bet one.” and he thru in Justin’s shoes. Steve had a pile of clothes and so he saw the bet, then added, well, I have such a good hand, I’ll raise you one. Kelli had no clothing and said as much to the guys.

“Well, I guess you lose then Kelli.” exclaimed Justin.

“Can’t I just owe you a piece of clothing?”

“No,” Roger said, “but I would accept an IOU for a blowjob, what about you guys?” Steve and Justin agreed. Seeing Kelli hesitating at the thought, he quickly added, “If you win the pot, you just tear up the IOU’s…I guess you just don’t have a good hand, huh?”

“Alright,” breathed Kelli. She KNEW she couldn’t lose this hand, but at the same time, the thought of what she was risking was making her stomach turn. “I’ll put two IOUs in the pot.”

“There is a pad and pen on my desk, I want them written out.” said Roger.

Kelli got up to get the pad and pen, with her back to the guys, thankful of the reprieve of them looking at her tits, she sat down at the desk and wrote out the IOUs. “Don’t forget to sign ’em” she heard one of the guys say as they snickered to each other.

Meanwhile, Justin picked up the deck and started shuffling through it. He picked out five cards and switched them with his own hand. Roger reached across the tabled, picked up Kelli’s hand and showed it to Justin. Justin and Roger started snickering smiled, as Steve told Kelli to sign her name on the IOU’s.

Justin raised again with a grin on his face, “Hey Kelli, I’m gonna raise again, so you oughtta just make another IOU while your over there?”

She wrote out the third slip and threw the three pieces of paper on the table without sitting down. Kelli picked up her cards without sitting down. “OK, I called, so what do you guys have?”

Roger threw his hands down, he had junk. Steve laid down a full house, aces over kings.

Kelli yelled “Ha Ha!” laying down her four of a kind and reaching to take the pot.

“Not so fast, I think I might have you, Kelli” said Justin. Torturing the girl he laid down his cards. Seven, Seven, Seven, Ace…Seven.

“Oh my fucking God!” exclaimed Kelli. As she realized what that meant, she was at once crushed and excited. Her breaths came in short breaths and she could feel the liquid oozing from her cunt.

“Let’s go Kelli! Let’s see the show!” said Roger. “Your not going to back out of your word are you?”

“No, I’m not.” Kelli scooted back onto the bed and slowly spread her legs. Roger quickly folded the table up and all three guys got comfortably seated, ready for the show.

Kelli closed her eyes and reached between her legs and gently started stroking herself. All three boys could see how wet she was and that her pussy lips were red and swollen. Roger told her to spread her legs wider which she did, wide enough to part her lips. Kelli was just staring up at the ceiling, so Steve got up and grabbed the pillows from the guy’s beds, propping one under Kelli’s ass and the others behind her head and back so they could see her face and tits. After a few minutes of stroking up and down between the lips, Justin told her to finger fuck herself. She inserted first one finger, then another, pumping them in and out of her pussy. She was very wet and her fingers made sloppy sounds as they plunged in and out of her pussy. Steve told her to use her other hand to rub her clit. Immediately her hips started bucking into her fingers.

Kelli felt her hand being pulled away from her pussy and a beer bottle was put into it. She knew they wanted her to fuck herself with it and immediately stuck it in. She pushed the long neck bottle in and out of her pussy, building up speed. Very close to cumming, she had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly parted, only concentrating on getting herself off in her drunken horny state. She didn’t realize that Justin had pulled his digital camera out of a desk and was snapping a few pictures.

Steve picked up one of the IOU’s from the table and pulled his boxer’s off. Climbing onto the bed he whispered in Kelli’s ear that he wanted to collect his bet. She didn’t know what he was talking about until he placed his cock by her mouth and put the slip of paper on her stomach, then it dawned on her. She closed her eyes again and slipped her mouth around his cock, still fucking herself ever faster with the bottle.

With Kelli’s head bobbing on his cock at the same pace she fucked herself, Steve was getting very close to cumming. All of a sudden, she drove the bottle deep into her pussy as she came. She drove her head all the way down on his cock which was too much for Steve and he started cumming too, shooting his jizz straight down her throat. As he pulled out of her mouth, Justin, who had handed the camera to Roger and gotten undressed, dropped his IOU on her and replace Steve’s cock with his own.

Recovering from her orgasm and needing another, Kelli started sucking with relish. Justin put his hand on the back of her head and slowly rolled them both over, so that he was lying on the bed and she was on all fours, with her head bobbing up and down on his cock.

This was too much for Roger. He stripped off his clothes and climbed on the bed behind Kelli, pulling out the beer bottle from her cunt. He slowly started to insert his own, but Kelli would have none of that. She thrust back to slam his cock in to the hilt, her cunt needing to be filled. Almost immediately Kelli was on the brink of orgasm again. Roger had only had sex one other time, and he too was about too come. With no warning, Justin grabbed the back of Kelli’s head and shot his load into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but some escaped and ran down her chin. Kelli let go of Justin’s cock and reached back to stroke her clit. As soon as she touched it, she began to come again, her pussy contracting around Roger’s cock. This was too much for the inexperienced Roger and he pulled his cock out and came all over Kelli’s back.

Kelli collapsed back down on the bed, exhausted. The guys proceeded to get dressed. When they all had there clothes back on, they look over at Kelli, still laying naked on the bed.

“Kelli, time to go back to your own room” said Justin as he shook her.

She didn’t wake up.

“Shit, Man, she’s passed out!” exclaimed Roger. “Let’s take her back to her own bed, I wanna sleep in mine.”

The guys put her clothes back on Kelli and the three of them carried her down the hall to her own room. When a sleepy Jane opened the door at their insistent knocking, they dragged Kelli to her bed and put her in it, fully clothed.

“How did the game go? Are you gonna be streaking campus, Rog?” asked Jane.

“Why don’t you ask Kelli in the morning, we’re going to bed” replied Roger, and the boys left. Jane went to bed too, wondering what that odor was coming from Kelli’s side of the room.