Splendor In The Ass

I had to do it.

Yeah, I hear what you are saying. You are saying, no, dude, you didn’t have to do anything. But fuck, you ain’t me.

Since the bitch hit puberty, she had been shaking her fine ass my way. Yes, she was a couple years younger then me so I didn’t pay her much attention at first. And then I went away to college. Well, summer between my junior and senior years I was taking it easy. Next summer, I would be a working man. So it was my last summer to party hard.

I am in my backyard on a sunny afternoon, drinking a beer and listening to some tunes when the slut comes out of her house. Anna Lee Delgado…and the girl, I swear to God, had the nicest ass a woman was ever born with. She sashayed that fine body of hers in a, damn, string bikini over to the chaise lounge by their pool and laid down on it on her flat abs.

I am watching her as she unties the strap to her top. Fucking cunt! And I am thinking that girl is just asking me to come over there and plow her. So I waited just a bit, all the time I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. I pick up my beer and I head over to her house.

Her parents work, I know this. She is home alone, so am I. I walk over and sit by her, lifting up the bottle of sunscreen she had brought outside with her.

“Hey, Anna,” I say when I am thinking I am so going to ream your ass, baby.

“Hey, Jim,” she is saying when I have no clue what she is thinking.

“Let me put some of this sunscreen on you. Don’t want to get burned,” I am saying while I rub it between my hands thinking it will work great as lube.

“Thanks, Jim,” she is saying when again I have no clue what she is thinking.

So I am rubbing the sunscreen down her back, working my way to that damn fine piece of ass I have had my eye on for about five fucking years. Finally the teasing little slut is nineteen and I am going for it. “You really should get an all over tan, Anna.” I tell her while I casually untie the strings to her bottoms and ease them down over her hips and begin to spread the sunscreen all over those glorious globes of flesh that my fingers have been dying to dig into forever!

“Good idea, Jim,” she says with a giggle and I know this girl wants it…oh I know she does.

I have my hands all over her ass and I pour some of the sunscreen right down her crack. Then casually I slip my finger along it until I get to her ass and I push the tip inside. I hear her gasp a little but she doesn’t protest so I push the finger in a bit deeper. Another gasp and her ass clenches a little but nothing I can’t handle so just a bit deeper.

This time she sighs. I grin. I add a second finger.

Oh now she is getting into it. This bitch was born for anal, I swear to you! Her little hips start pressing up off the lounge right into my fingers. She starts to whimper and moan and sound like a cat in heat. Shit yeah, I had hit a home run.

I squirt some of the lotion right into her hot ass as I ease my shorts down and bring out the monster. I kneel right between her juicy thighs and push the thick head against her lubed hole. I have to groan as it pops in because it feels so fine.

“Damn, that is big,” she says as she feels me inside her tight little ass for the first time.

“Baby, we are just getting started,” I say as I lean into her, sliding myself into that fucking tight ass inch by inch.

“Fuck, Jim, it hurts!” she cries as I continue to feed it into her.

“Shhh, baby, it’s all good,” I say as I reach around with one hand to cover her mouth in case she starts screaming. I ain’t stopping. Fucking cock tease is getting all of it.

Finally, I’ve worked myself in, she is calm, getting used to the feel of me thick up her ass. She starts to wiggle even, just a bit, liking the feeling I am sure. I start to ease in and out and she starts to moan, guttural moans of “oh yeah, Jim” and “fuck my ass, Jim” so I move my hand away. Hot little anal bitch!

I put my hands on her hips and pull her back against me, pushing every inch of my cock into her, nearly hitting her bowels, as I am whispering in her ear, “Been wanting to fuck your ass for a long time, Anna. You have a gorgeous ass. Like getting your ass fucked, Anna?”

She whimpered and hissed a bit but then I heard a low “yesssssss.”

So I said to her, “Well, that’s good, Anna, cause I plan on fucking it a lot this summer.”

She let out some kind of screech at that and just slammed back hard against me, her little body cumming loads and loads of girl juice as my cock continued to rip her hot ass apart. Man that was fucking hot, feeling her little body just let loose underneath me. I couldn’t hold back myself and let out a huge load into her ass. Damn it was the best fucking anal I ever had!

That summer was hot. I spent a lot of time with Anna, and not all of it in her backyard. And we did have more than anal. But I will never forget that first time. First times are always the best.