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Coed Craving

My name is Tim Anderson. My wife Tina and I are very proud of our 18 year old daughter Ricki.

Ricki has just completed her freshman year at Central State at the top of the dean’s list.

As a reward for her performance, we allowed Ricki to bring her roommate and best friend Jenny to spend the summer with us as we travelled the West by motor home.

Jenny is also 18, but looks younger because she is so petite. Jenny is 4 ft. ten, blond with pigtails, with tiny tits topped by thick, puckered nipples. The one thing solid on her is her muscular thighs and ass, pulled taut from hours of soccer practice.

I have been on my best behavior the last several weeks, as Ricki and Jenny cavorted about in various water parks wearing their tiny bikinis in front of me. Although I don’t make a habit of noticing my daughter in this manner, Ricki is a busty, tanned brunette with dark curly hair.

The fact that my wife Tina has settled into middle-aged frumpdom with no interest in sex doesn’t help matters any.

Last night, something different happened. The girls talked me into joining them on the water slide at our latest destination. The ride was packed with teens on a hot, sultry night, and my snug trunks did little to hide my growing erection due to my eyes taking in the hot girls in wet suits.

I stayed at the bottom of the ride in the collection pool, keeping my throbbing tool below the surface. I could see my wife sitting across the way reading a book, with no interest whatsoever in the girl’s festivities.Suddenly, Jenny called out from the top.

“Here I come, Mr. Anderson! Catch me!”

Jenny came flying down the ride, screaming all the way. I braced myself to catch her, but the force of her arrival sent us both flying.

To my shock and horror, I pulled Jenny’s top off, and she grabbed my fat cock for support.

Regaining me composure, I handed Jenny her top and apologized profusely. She just laughed and yanked it away from me, covering her wet tits with her hands as she smiled in the direction of my crotch.

My daughter Ricki caught the whole scene, and she glared disapprovingly at me as I sheepishly climbed out of the water. My wife, buried in her book, missed the whole event.

Soon after, Tina and I settled in for the night in the motor home. The girls sat outside our window and whispered conspiratorily. Once my wife was asleep, I crept to the window to listen.

“Jesus, Ricki. Not for nothing, but your Dad has a fat cock!” Jenny looked back at the home as I ducked behind the curtain.