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Good Girl Turns 18 And Turns Bad

I had dreamed about sex for a long time but actually doing it was a whole other thing. You see I was brought up a Catholic good girl. Catholic schools and prayers were a way of life for me. Not to say I didn’t think about fucking all the time or hadn’t learned the classic Catholic girl blow-job to appease my boyfriends but all-in-all I was a good girl and a virgin, that is until I turned eighteen.

At eighteen my seven friends and I celebrated my birthday by sneaking into a ritzy Los Angeles bar and I saw one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, perfect tan, voluptuous breasts, and an outfit that showed off her amazing ass and long legs. I first noticed her feet, which were fit into black stiletto heels, and as my eyes gazed upward along her long bare legs I came across the shortest skirt I had ever seen. Her ass just about hung out of the black leather mini skirt so you could just see the shape of her beautiful cheeks. Then my sights took in her tight-fitting pink sweater showing off her big tits as she turned around and looked my way. I could tell she was looking straight at me even though I was still staring at her chest. I wanted to look up at her but I was way too embarrassed and I turned back to join my friends at the table.

I could not help it though, I had to see what her face looked like so I stole a look her way. She was talking with some dark-haired man and I could only see her from behind. I could not believe my thoughts. I had never had lesbian thoughts before and I didn’t think I was a lesbian but this woman was intriguing me. She exhumed sex appeal. Something I had always wanted but did not think I had. I had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, medium-sized boobs with big nipples, and a fit, muscular body that always attracted men but I was not considered a sexpot. I was wearing tight –fitting jeans and a see-through white blouse that showed off my curves in a classy way that was very much unlike her slutty look.

I tried to chime into my friends’ conversation but my mind was preoccupied and I kept looking back at the blonde goddess which is when the dark-haired man she was talking to smiled at me and nodded to the blonde in front of him. She turned my way and this time I could not look away. She was breathtaking. As if the rest of her body was not erotic enough, she had flawless silky white skin, green eyes, and bounteous lips. She was a modern day Barbie but with clothes I had never seen Barbie in. She just smiled at me, she new I was gawking but I think she was having fun with it. After all, with that outfit I guess she didn’t mind attention.

I smiled back and that is when I noticed the dark-haired man next to her was as gorgeous as she was. He was Ken, she was Barbie. The two were the sexiest couple I had ever laid my eyes on. He motioned me with his finger to come so I excused myself from my friends and headed on over.

“Hi, I’m Darren,” the dark-haired Ken doll said to me, “and this is Sheila,” he said as he gestured toward Barbie.

“I’m Samantha,” I said as my mind raced. I didn’t know what to say to them. I didn’t know why I even went over to them. I had nothing to say. But my body did. I realized I was wet. My pussy was dripping. The two of them were looking me up and down.

“How old are you?” Darren asked. “Twenty-one,” I lied, “I’m celebrating my twenty-first birthday tonight.” Sheila just nodded at me. I think they knew my lie but neither of them called me on it.

“Well then, to celebrate, can I buy you a drink?” Darren asked in a low, husky voice that turned me on in ways I never knew could happen. My thighs were actually quivering.