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Judy Judy Judy

“Gosh, Mr. Ward, you answered the door in your underwear!” exclaimed Judy, my daughter’s friend. A number of things went through my head, but I blurted out, “I was just about to get into the shower, would you rather I answer the door naked?”

At that Judy smiled broadly, but did not answer. Finally after a few seconds of dead silence, I remembered my manners and opened the door further to let Judy in. She hardly took her eyes of my crotch. I was wearing a new type of underwear that is a cross between boxers and briefs that has a specially designed pocket for your ‘package’. Basically it just makes you look like you have more than you have. Since Judy couldn’t take her eyes off of it, I began to get a little excited which just added to the effect.

Finally she got around to the reason for her visit. She wanted to get my daughter’s address at her Grandma’s (where she was staying for the summer). We walked on into the kitchen where I pulled two sodas out of the ‘fridge and handed her one. As we talked I don’t think her eyes ever met mine, she was so busy dividing her attention between my bulge and the backyard pool. I took advantage of the opportunity to check her out as well. Judy is 18, about 5’4″ and her figure is not fully developed, but nice. Her tight fitting tank top was revealing smallish breasts with very pronounced ‘puffy’ aureoles.

Her navel was exposed and pierced. The ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts she had on revealed a lot of her ass. The more I noticed the more my bulge grew. This had the same effect on Judy, as the more my bulge grew, the more she stared. In turn, the more she stared the harder I got. Finally I had a full blown boner with the head peeking out the top.

When I looked down and saw a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip, the reality of the situation set in and I pulled my underwear up and said, “Oh God Judy, I’m sorry! Please don’t tell your parents you saw that!”

She giggled and said, “Don’t worry Mr. Ward, I won’t say anything.” A huge relief came over me as I heard that. I said, Listen, I’m going to go take my shower, if you want to go swimming, help yourself.”

Judy beamed, “Thanks Mr. Ward, I’ll borrow one of Cheryl’s suits.” I still had a raging hard-on as I climbed into the shower. It didn’t take me long to come to a mind-blowing climax to help get my mind off of Judy.