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Not Alone

Sharon stood alone at the far end of the locker room, not taking part in the horse play that was taking place not more than forty feet away, while almost shyly she shed her sweaty gym clothes, wrapped herself in a towel and slipped off to the communal shower. As usual, she had waited until everyone had already showered and were in the process of dressing before making her move. As the hot jets of water coursed over her body, she was unaware that another girl had taken a spot next to her and began taking her own shower. When Sharon turned around to rinse her back, she was surprised to find a slightly built blonde right beside her! Quickly shutting off the water, Sharon grabbed her towel, and headed back to her locker to get dressed. A few seconds later, the blonde exited the shower and started drying off as she walked over and sat down on the bench in front of her locker.

By now, Sharon and the blonde were the only two people left in the locker room, and the blonde looked over at Sharon and said, “I hate showering with all those other girls watching, don’t you?!?” Not expecting any conversation, Sharon mumbled, “Uh, yeah, me too,” and then looked away and continued dressing! Much to Sharon’s consternation, the blonde picked up her towel and sauntered over to Sharon and extended her hand and said, “I’m Lynn James, nice to meet you!” Sharon automatically stuck out her hand and replied, “I’m Sharon, Sharon Ruskin, glad to meet you too!” It was a little disconcerting, but Lynn was still drying off, and had not one stitch of clothing on, and Sharon did her best not to stare! “We’re a lot alike, you and me,” Lynn stated a matter of factly. Sharon cocked and head to the side and asked, “How do you figure that!?!” “Well,” Lynn replied softly, “I can tell that you’re embarrassed to be seen with out your clothes, and that you’re not real happy with your body!” The crimson rose from Sharon’s neck to her cheeks, and she stammered, “Really, you don’t know anything about me, and if we’re so much alike, why are you standing there naked as a jay bird!?!” Lynn dropped her towel away from her front, exposing her lean frame to Sharon’s gaze and replied in a quiet voice, “Because I know you want to look at me!” “Oh,” Sharon huffed, “you’re crazy!” “Am I,” asked Lynn, “look at me, Sharon, you want to look at me, touch me, see what it’s like to feel another person’s warm skin!” Sharon’s eyes were locked on Sharon’s vagina, and much to her dismay, she knew that everything Lynn had just said was exactly true!