Talking Ricky Into Anal

Mari had been dating Rick for about six weeks and could only get him to have “normal” sex. She had hinted to him that she liked to experiment and he told her that he liked things just the way they were. He seemed to blush a lot whenever she brought up the subject of sex.

Mari would not give up. Rick was such a stud and had the biggest cock she had ever ridden. She wanted to experience that cock in more than just her pussy, which was the only place he would put it.

One evening, Mari prepared margaritas and made sure Rick’s glass was never empty. When he was feeling no pain, Mari snuggled up next to him and in a soft voice, asked him, “Ricky, can we watch a dirty movie?” Rick, loosened up with tequila, quickly agreed. Mari hopped up and put in the dirtiest anal sex video she could find. Mari snuggled back next to him and asked, “Ricky, would you slip your hands in my panties while we watch the movie?” Rick looked at Mari, puzzled. “Mari, what would you want me to do with my hands while they are in your panties?” Mari giggled, “You’re such a choirboy, Ricky. I think you’ll find your hands will know just what to do.”

It didn’t take long for Rick to make it obvious that he was enjoying the movie. His cock was straining inside of his pants, waiting to be released. His hands did indeed find something to do in Mari’s pants. “Do you like this movie, Ricky?” Mari asked in a teasing manner. “Would you like to re-enact this movie with me?” Ricky looked at Mari and shyly replied while his hands continued their massage of Mari’s pussy, “Mari, I’ve never done any of that dirty stuff. I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Ricky’s whole hand massage gave way to fingers darting in and out of Mari’s pussy. “I, I, I think it would be too naughty,” he whispered.

Mari jumped up off the couch, she could see she had her work cut out for her. She turned the video off and turned the stereo on. She played a CD with seductive music on it and turned around looking directly at Rick. “Rick, I’m gonna make you want to make me do everything you just saw in that video.”

Mari began dancing seductively in front of Rick, shaking her tight ass in his face. Mari was wearing a loose miniskirt and her ass teasingly peeked at Rick with each bump and grind. Still, Rick was not initiating anything. Mari gasped and ran to the closet where she pulled out a set of cheerleader pom poms.

Okay Ricky, we’ve got to get this game going. Mary slipped out of her skirt and top. She had been braless and so now stood in front of Rick totally nude. She began a seductive cheerleading routine. With her pom poms shaking, Mari began chanting and bouncing, “Go Ricky, Go Ricky…I want to feel you hard stiff dicky, Go Ricky Go Ricky. In my mouth, In my ass, Do it…do it…Fuck my ass…Go Ricky Go Ricky.”

Rick let out a loud hollar, “Mari, you nasty girl…get down on your hands and knees just like in the movie.” Rick quickly unzipped his pants and was soon nude as well. Mari was down on her hands and knees obediently. “What do you want to do to me, Ricky?” Mari asked. “I want to…oh my God,…I can’t believe I’m saying this…I want to fuck your ass.” Rick said as he mounted Mari. “Don’t be gentle, baby…I can take whatever you want to give me.” Mari reassured Rick.

Rick pumped Mari’s ass repeatedly until he could no longer hold back. He shot his load deep inside of her and then collapsed in a heap.

In the morning, Rick thought he had had a very, very nasty dream. “Mari, I had a dream about you last night…I think I would like to try experimenting, like you suggested, but first I want to tell you all about it.”

Mari smiled, she knew things would be way more interesting now.