Uncles Nude Model

“And finally, young lady, you’ll not be going to Europe with us this summer,” Emily’s dad said, his face was flushed after the 10-minute telling off he’d just given his daughter. “You’re going to your Uncle Mike’s house where you’ll be staying when we’re in Europe and every day you’ll go to work with him in order to earn back some of the money that we just had to pay for the damage you and your friends caused. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes, sir,” Emily looked down and bit her lip.

“Then go to your room. I don’t want to see you again tonight. You will have your dinner in your room tonight.”

Emily went to her bedroom and slammed the door shut. Damn, damn, damn!!!!! How could it have gone so wrong? And now she wasn’t going to Europe! She’d been looking forward to this trip all year. It was going to be her graduation gift. It had been planned all around her and now her pesky little sisters Sarah and Jennifer were going to get to experience all the things she’d dreamt of for so long while she was stuck working for Uncle Mike all summer.

It was only supposed to be a small prank. Every year the seniors at Preston High decorated the school with colourful flowers a week before graduation. This year Kellie Parker had been in charge and Emily and her friends hated Kellie Parker. She’d bossed them around for 12 years so they decided to send her off with a parting gift worth remembering. To make a long story short, their plan had backfired, the paint they’d got didn’t just wash off with water, and their beautiful white stucco school building now looked like the scene of a frenzied mass stabbing.

They’d all been suspended from their own graduation and it was only because the principal didn’t want any more bad publicity that he hadn’t reported them to the police or notified the colleges they were going to. If they agreed to leave quietly and pay for the damage, their transcripts wouldn’t show any sign of what had happened. To top it all off, Kellie Parker was the big hero of the moment since her quick actions had stopped the plot in time so that the front of the school hadn’t been damaged.

A week later Emily stood in the doorway of her uncle’s photographic studio and glared as her parents’ car drove off to the airport. She’d begged with them all week. She’d been convinced that they would end up letting her off with a less severe punishment like they always did. But this time they hadn’t relented. She kicked the door frame. Damn it! She was 18 years old now. Her dad had reminded her that she wouldn’t be an adult in his eyes until she starting paying her own way, and with 4 years of college ahead of her, that seemed a long way off.

“Come on, Em,” her uncle called. “Life sucks, so get over it. We’ve got some serious food to photograph today.”

Uncle Mike was so lame. He was a photographer, but not one of the cool photographers who did fashion shoots with famous designers and cool magazines. His business consisted of food for cookbooks, nuts and bolts for catalogues, plants for brochures, boring shit like that. Emily had seen his work at grandma’s house (where a nut and bolt photo was displayed on the wall, along with photos of all the grandkids) and she knew that this was going to be the most boring summer ever. She wasn’t wrong. She spent the day painting olive oil on cold food to make it look more appealing.

There wasn’t anything to do during the long breaks either. The photography studio was a huge warehouse in the middle of an industrial estate and there wasn’t a soul to speak to when she went outside. When they were done with the food photos and the cookbook people had left for the day, Uncle Mike was busy with Photoshop. There was a knock on the door and Emily took delivery of the props needed for the next day’s photo shoot. Her heart sank when she saw the plethora of power tools being carried in. Tomorrow was going to be even more boring than today.

Emily’s heart sank further when Uncle Mike drove her home. Not only had her phone been confiscated for the summer, she hadn’t been allowed to bring her car. She was in effect grounded at Uncle Mike’s house that was located four miles from the rest of civilisation. Sarah and Jennifer had going to the library for her and they’d taken out as many books as they could, but Emily knew that they wouldn’t last long this summer.

The next morning was hot, and remembering the temperatures in the warehouse the previous day Emily decided to wear a tank top and cut-offs. She knew that her 34C chest and skinny waist looked great in that outfit and it felt so wasted on her current job. She wished that Ben or Sam would be able to come and pick her up for a quickie to pass the time. Neither was her boyfriend, but she’d fucked both that spring. But they were also suffering from the wrath of their parents after the prank that went wrong. Sam had been sent off to some cousins for the summer and Ben was working in his parents’ store.

When they got to the photography studio, Uncle Mike asked Emily to start building a workshop for the power tool shoot. After a while she heard voices and soon Uncle Mike showed up with a short man and three gorgeous women.

“Em, this is Barry from the power tool company. And these are three of the models we’re using today, Tricia, Lizzie and Jana.”

Emily greeted them and wondered why they’d need such beautiful models for the stupid power tools.

“So yeah,” Barry started talking as he inspected the scene that Emily had created. “This is good. We’re aiming for 3 photos of each girl, with a different tool each time. Annette will be around later for her photos so let’s get started with these three. Don’t worry about the months now, I’ll decide on that when I get the photos. I only know that I want Annette for December, you did say that you’ve got a Santa hat and tinsel for that photo, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Uncle Mike replied. “Em, can you go to the store room and find the boxes marked Christmas and find those things?”

Emily did as she was told. It took quite a while because Uncle Mike had hundreds of boxes of props. When she finally found them she returned to the warehouse and her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. The models had all changed into miniscule cut-off jeans. Tricia and Lizzie were wearing t-shirts and sitting on the couch looking bored and leafing through magazines. Jana, on the other hand, was posing topless for Uncle Mike with an electric drill in her hand and her red lips wrapped seductively around the drill bit.

Emily couldn’t believe her eyes. She’d thought it was going to be a boring catalogue photo shoot, but this was nothing short of porn. She’d never known that Uncle Mike did this sort of thing, but then again it wasn’t exactly something that grandma would necessarily know, and definitely not brag about. If she was honest, she didn’t think her dad knew either. For the next two hours she watched how the three models licked, sucked and straddled the power tools in various suggestive poses. The whole experience made her feel really horny.

By the time the three models left, Annette still hadn’t showed up and Barry was getting annoyed. The deadline for his calendar was that week and Uncle Mike was busy the rest of the week so they didn’t have time to reschedule. When Barry finally got hold of Annette it turned out that she’d been offered something that paid better so she wasn’t coming. With the other three already gone, Barry was in a flat spin. He couldn’t find anyone else at such short notice.

“What about her?” Barry asked Uncle Mike and pointed at Emily. “Her legs are awesome and her tits look nice and big.”

Emily couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She looked over at her uncle who shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s up to you, Em.”

“Really? What about my dad?”

“I’m not stupid, Em. As far as he’s concerned you’re only being my assistant. You can keep the money. I’m sure it’ll come in handy when you go off to college?”

“The money?” Emily hadn’t thought about that. “How much would I get paid?”

Barry mentioned a sum that made what she owed her dad for the damage seem like pennies.

“I’ll do it!”

“Good. Now change into these,” Barry handed her the tiny cut-offs that the models had been wearing. It was obvious that she wouldn’t need anything underneath them. She went into the changing room and put them on. They were cut so high it felt like putting on thongs. And there were no buttons to do up at the front. When she went outside again Barry told her to take her top off.

“Oh fuck! She’s been wearing a bra all day.” Barry looked at her skin with disgust. “And do you have a razor? I don’t want any pussy hair in these photos.”

Barry pulled the shorts down ever so slightly and shaved off her neat triangle with the razor that Uncle Mike had handed him. When he was happy with how the cut-offs looked on her, he got the make-up box out and instructed her how to do the make-up. Emily had good skin so she didn’t need a lot. Luckily she’d had her hair cut recently and washed it that morning. Not much needed doing to her hair as she was supposed to wear a cap with the power tool company’s logo anyway. By the time they were done with all that you couldn’t really see the marks left by her bra straps anymore. It was time to have her photo taken.

Barry and Uncle Mike were very businesslike throughout the shoot. They instructed Emily how to pose and what to do with her face in every picture. The final photo was the best. It was for the December page of the calendar and instead of wearing the cap with the logo she got a Santa hat that Barry pinned a logo to. Barry then put a bow on an electric saw, wrapped tinsel around her neck and made sure that her tits poked through, and told her to look like she’d received the best ever Christmas gift.

Emily felt incredibly sexy and was really disappointed when it was all over. She put her clothes back on and started clearing up when Uncle Mike and Barry went into Uncle Mike’s office. She was just about done when they came back out.

“Excellent work as usual,” Barry shook Uncle Mike’s hand and then he turned to Emily. “And you were great. I just looked at your photos and you can’t tell that’s your first shoot. Sexy as hell. If you want any more work, call me. We’re doing a catalogue shoot in a month’s time for our gardening section and I’d love to see you riding a lawn mower.”

“I’d love that too!” Emily burst out without hesitation.

Barry smiled and said he’d be in touch. When he left, Emily decided to question her uncle.

“Is he really selling power tools?”

“Well, yeah… Why do you ask?”

“I don’t understand why he uses topless models.”

“Think about it. Most of their customers are men who work in male dominated environments. They love to look at tits and asses. If they can get a tits and ass calendar or brochures for free, they’re not going to turn them down. And when they come to buy new equipment, which company are they going to remember. The company with the beautiful naked girls all over their products or the company without?”

“Oh…” Emily hadn’t thought of it that way.

“Exactly. Now sit down. We need to have a chat. You were really good today. Barry thought you were really hot and he’s right. You were also very easy to photograph. Did you enjoy it?”


“As I said, I’m not going to tell your dad about this, but if you want to, I can get you plenty of work this summer.”

“What kind of work?”

“Nude modelling. Whatever you’re willing to do. If you only want to do tits, we’ll only do tits. If you’re happy to show a bit of pussy and ass, we’ll do that. It’s all up to you, but we better get started quickly because these shoots are generally booked a couple of weeks in advance.”

“Will it all pay as well as today?”

“Today was peanuts, if I’m honest. Showing your tits pays OK, but the good money lies in showing your pussy, particularly if you’re prepared to do the really intimate shots.”

“What are those?”

“Those are the ones where I get close-ups of you parting your pussy lips, showing off some wetness, maybe even get on all fours and show off your pussy and asshole. Things like that.”

Emily pretended to think about it. “I can do that.”

“Good. OK, we don’t have a lot of time. We need to make you a portfolio that I can send to the right people and we need to make it tonight. Get naked while I get some props.”

Emily went and took her clothes off again and when she walked back into the studio her uncle had brought in a huge motorbike and his jeep. He handed her a pair of stilettos and explained that naked women wearing stilettos on typically male products were big business.

She spent the next hour posing on the motorbike and the jeep. Uncle Mike had her straddling the motorbike, washing the jeep, posing as a car mechanic with very parted legs under the jeep and admiring some miniscule detail on the motorbike, requiring her to bend over considerably.

“OK, we’re done here,” Uncle Mike announced and started packing his equipment into the jeep. “Get dressed, but don’t put any underwear on. We’re taking more photos at home.”


“Of course. We’re aiming for all markets here. We’ve done the cars, now we need to do the housewifey chores, the shower, and of course the obvious, the bed…”

Emily’s smile grew as she realised what was going to happen. This was the best day of her life. Screw Europe! She’d never felt so hot and horny in her life. And if Uncle Mike managed to get her the kind of jobs he’d told her about, she’d be able to afford to fucking buy Europe.

At Uncle Mike’s house they quickly set up the lights and he had her pretending to cook, vacuum, dust and all the other boring household chores that she hated. The shower photos weren’t as pleasant. In order to keep her tits perky and not damage the equipment Uncle Mike kept the water quite cold. Emily then changed the sheets on his bed when he set up in the bedroom. The lighting in the bedroom told her that he’d used it before. When the bed was covered with the new satin sheets she lay down and waited, absent-mindedly fingering her pussy. She didn’t notice when Uncle Mike started snapping photos of her.

“Oh yeah…” he moaned happily. “That’s what I’m talking about. That’s so sexy.”

He soon had her kneading her tits and finger fucking herself and Emily was in a horny frenzy.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” Uncle Mike asked after he’d taken a couple of photos of Emily licking pussy juice off her fingers.

“Hell no!”

“Thought not, but I thought I’d better ask. How about you fuck yourself with a dildo? I’ve got a black one here that’ll look really hot against your milky white skin.”

Emily took the dildo and licked it to moisten it. She glanced over at Uncle Mike who had a raging hard-on in his jeans. She then penetrated herself with the giant dong . She started pumping herself gently at first, but then faster and faster. She massaged her clit and bit her lips with moans. All the time she could hear her uncle’s encouraging words and the clicks of his camera. She kept sliding the pussy juice covered 8 inches of plastic in and out, trying her hardest to keep her legs wide apart like she’d been told, and not covering too much with her hand. When the dildo was deep and her pussy wet and flushed Uncle Mike told her to freeze the pose. He came in for some close-ups and Emily was in agony. She was really close to cumming. As soon as he let her continue she brought on her orgasm and Uncle Mike got some beautiful shots of her face as she came.

“Your portfolio is going to be so hot, baby,” Uncle Mike smiled at her as she pulled the dildo out of her satisfied cunt. “They’re going to be queuing up to book your sweet ass.”

“What kind of shoots do you think I’ll get?” she asked curiously.

“Ones like today, some men’s magazines, hopefully even some softcore porn magazines.”

“Does that pay well?”

“Well, softcore porn will pay very good money. Not as good as hardcore, but a lot of girls make their living that way.”

“What about hardcore porn?”

“I’ve never really done that, and you probably won’t get any based on today’s photos, even though you were sexy as hell with the dildo. It’s a completely different thing to fuck on camera.”

“Why don’t we try it?” Emily was getting horny again just thinking about it.

“How do you expect we do that? I don’t know any male porn models.”

“What about you? I’ve seen you today. You’ve been really turned on by taking my photos. You’ve got a decent body and your cock looks a fair size in those jeans.”

“Let me get this straight. You want me to fuck you on camera so that you can become a hardcore porn model?”

“Yeah! What do you say? Please say yes?”

“I’m a photographer, not a model. I’m not into having my photo taken with my cock out.”

“I’m sure you take photos of you fucking your girlfriends in here all the time.”

“That’s different. Those photos stay here. Besides, have you forgotten that I’m your uncle?”

“So what? I’m horny. You’re horny. We’re both good looking. You’re not that old, what are you? 35? I’m on the pill so you won’t make me pregnant. Come on! Fuck me, Uncle Mike! You can cut your face out of all the photos before you send them anywhere.”

“I never knew that my brother had raised such a little slut,” Uncle Mike smiled. “Let’s do it. I need the release after today and I bet your cunt is ready for some action.”

Uncle Mike got out of his clothes and walked up to Emily. He made sure they were at a good angle when she leaned forward to start sucking his cock. His little niece had obviously had a lot of practice when it came to cock sucking because she was a real pro. He nearly came straight away when she let his glisteningly wet cock slide out of her mouth, turned to the camera and smiled. As soon as he’d clicked the remote she continued sucking him, using her tongue to explore every inch of his manhood and eventually deep throating him, an action which deserved a few more clicks with his camera.

Uncle Mike was really tempted to eat Emily’s pussy, but since he didn’t want to have his face in any photos he eventually pulled out of his niece’s mouth and got her on her hands and knees so that he could fuck her doggy style. He started fucking her real slow, slowly inching inside her and then moving out, making sure the camera got took nice and juicy close-ups of Emily’s wet cunt and gorgeous ass. Then he turned her so that she was being fucked facing the camera. He pulled her by her hair and eventually by her shoulders, making her knead her tits and finger her clit, all the while shot by the camera. She came twice, both times unable to control her expression but caught with raw animal lust all over her face.

Finally he got her on her back and pulled one leg up so that their union was fully visible to the cameras. Her cunt got so tight around his cock that way. He pounded her hard now, knowing that he couldn’t last much longer. She cried out his name and came again. That’s when he knew he was nearly there. He pulled out of her battered hole and quickly got her on her hands and knees, sucking her juices off his cock. He got a few more photos, knowing that he’d never be able to include such a slutty face in her portfolio, but also knowing that he would cherish them forever. He then pulled out, told her to open her mouth and started shooting his load onto her tongue. He missed and hit her cheek at one point, but she looked sexy as hell with his white cum on her tongue and face.

When he’d taken the last photo he threw the remote to the side and collapsed into the bed with Emily in his arms. He kissed her deeply, tasting his cum on her tongue, and fondled her.

“You were amazing, Emily,” he said softly. “Not just in the photos, but an amazing fuck. I hope you’ll let me fuck you again.”

“Hell yeah!” Emily rubbed herself against him. “You were sooooo much better than the boys I’d fucked before. I never knew it could be like that.”

“Good. Now why don’t you move your things into my room and get settled in here while I download all your photos and start making your portfolio.”

She did as she was told, following her uncle’s example by trying out the freedom of rummaging around the house without having to wear clothes. She called for a pizza and they devoured it together, by Uncle Mike’s laptop. When he was finally done he showed her the portfolio that he’d put together for him and she was over the moon. He’d made her look incredibly sexy and horny without looking slutty. He uploaded it to an online agency and then emailed all his contacts a password.

“A man could go insane with your sexy body on display all the time,” he smiled at her as he switched off her computer.

“I think there are two of us here who could go insane,” she winked at him and watched his semi-erect cock.

“You want some of your Uncle Mike’s cock?” he teased her.

“Mmm hmmm,” she nodded and licked her lips.

“Come and get it.”

He parted his legs and she kneeled in front of him, opening wide and for the second time that day tasting her uncle’s meat. This time she didn’t have to worry about cameras so she made ample use of her hands around the base of his shaft to bring him pleasure. When he finally made her stop he was rock hard and would quite easily cum very quickly if given the chance, but he had other ideas.

Uncle Mike walked Emily into the bedroom and positioned her in the middle of the huge bed. He then got between her legs and parted them wide. He started kissing her knees and then let his lips and tongue slowly work their way up the insides of her thighs. He placed his thumbs on her pussy lips and started massaging her softly, teasing the clit that protruded through her pink folds. He ran his tongue softly along her slit and she moaned out loud. He blew softly and then he kissed her pussy. He could see her moisture starting to overflow and run down her ass and that’s when he kissed her pussy deeply, shoving his tongue up her hungry cunt. She cried out as he rolled his tongue around her wet hole.

He slowly withdrew his tongue and closed his lips around her engorged clit. She shrieked with joy. Then he slid two fingers, then three, into her hole and started finger fucking here, all the while sucking and tongue flicking her clit. She wrapped her legs around his head, arched her back, curled her toes and screamed into the night as she reached her orgasm.

She hardly had time to catch her breath because her uncle was soon on the prowl again. He kissed her tummy and soon his hands cupped her tits, pinching her nipples and teasing the soft skin. His mouth wasn’t far behind and soon he was sucking and biting her hard nipples. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started rubbing her pussy against him.

“Ooooooh…” she moaned. “Uncle Mike… Fuck me… Fuck me now!!!! I need you inside me!!!!”

Not one to disappoint a lady in distress, Uncle Mike let go of his niece’s tits and started kissing her. He grabbed her legs and rested them across his shoulders. He looked down. That hole was so wet and inviting. He plunged in and they both cried out with pleasure. Soon he was pumping her hard, slightly gyrating his hips so that she felt every single inch of his meat.

When she finally came around his cock he rolled over and all of a sudden she was riding him. It was a wonderful view for him to watch his cock sliding in and out of her young cunt and seeing those firm tits bounce. He reached up and grabbed her tits. He kneaded the soft flesh and pinched her hard nipples. They were both moaning now. He felt his pussy juice covered balls tightening and he knew it was almost time. He reached down and started rubbing her nub. Her moans intensified and so did his urgency. Then she started shivering, her cunt convulsing around his hard shaft and he could finally let go. He exploded inside his niece’s cunt as she milked him dry.

When they finally separated he reached down and scooped up their mixed cum. He tasted it first and then he got some more for Emily to taste.

“Damn it, girl,” he laughed. “You’re going to wear me out.”

They slept in each other’s arms and fucked quickly in the shower the next morning. When they arrived at work there were several messages on the answering machine from people who wanted to book photo shoots with Emily. She was a fresh new face who wasn’t just pretty, but she had great assets too.

Contrary to what she’d thought, her summer of punishment turned into the most rewarding summer ever. Uncle Mike brought her to new heights and taught her so much more about sex. By the time she set off for college she had a nice sum of money set aside and some sexy new moves to try on unsuspecting frat boys. As it turned out, her power tools calendar was very popular on campus, earning her the pick of which students to fuck, and even a member of faculty or two.

Her parents don’t know about Emily’s and Uncle Mike’s special relationship. They simply thought that she learnt her lesson that summer and is now a conscientious worker who is keen to make some pocket money whenever she comes home. If only they knew how…